Friday, November 17, 2023

Thoughts From The Road

I really need to wrap up my journey to see Elias. I've been home for a couple of months now so this needs to be done!!  I drove 3,385 miles, spent $455.24 on fuel which meant I averaged 32 mpg. I didn't keep track of what I spent on hotel rooms.

Daisy is a great car. She loves to go fast and really loves the flat land. The mountains, not so much. She also waited til we got back to have a problem. One morning I got a check engine light. Drove immediately to John's Auto Repair (they are so wonderful). Chris took a look at what was wrong, found the parts I needed and repaired the car, all in under an hour. Seems I needed a new coil and spark plug. Daisy is purring once again.

I learned that I did not know how to pack for a road trip.  When I was working, I traveled frequently for my job. I knew how to pack for flying which means not much luggage. When I retired, we immediately headed out into our full time rving life. Everything I could possibly need went with us and I forgot how to pack. I think I now know how to pack so I only haul one suitcase into the hotel rooms, instead of everything I brought with me. 

I LOVED driving by myself with only my thoughts for company. I knew when I was planning this journey that I would learn how to be a lone traveler. What I didn't know, was how much I would enjoy it. 

It's a lot easier to pull off to see places along the trail when you're in a car rather than hauling an rv along.  I was able to just stop and breathe and enjoy the beauty of the land.

I was able to reconnect with my sister and her husband. I've always loved my sister (well maybe not so much when we were much younger 😆😆) but we became so much closer as we spent time together.  Maybe it's because we both know we are getting older and our time left here on earth is getting shorter. Whatever it was, I appreciate this opportunity to learn more about the courage my sister has to face life's challenges. 

And what can I say about time spent with Todd, Michaela and Elias. It was perfect. My heart is so full of love.

I missed Jim terribly. He would have enjoyed all of my side trips and especially playing with his grandson. I love you so much honey.  I think you are proud of me. 

Will I do this again?  You bet I will. Next summer will find me and Daisy on the road again. Next year's travels will be a little different because it is going to include visits with friends. This year was mostly about family. 

Speaking of family, how about a couple of pictures.

My vampire grandson. His upper teeth and a bottom tooth have come in since this picture was taken. But this one is just so special. 

He is just about ready to take that first step with no help. Michaela sent me a video of him going sideways holding on to the chair. Got to the end and didn't know what to do, so down he went. Loved it.  See that beautiful quilt he's hanging onto? My neighbor here in AJ, Wendy, made that for him. She does a lot of quilting.

Have an adventure to blog about next time - a trip to Tucson.


  1. What a wonderful post about being brave enough step out on your own while still keeping Jim close to your heart.
    I hear you about the whole packing thing when you are used to having everything traveling with you. Your grandson is a cutey. Looking forward to reading about your trip to Tucson.

  2. Really cute grandson. It's great that you had such an enjoyable, safe and trouble free trip.


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