Tuesday, November 23, 2021

A Joyous Thanksgiving to All

 AJ, AZ   Highs in the 70s  Lows in the 50s (absolutely perfect)

We've had a lot going on but I wanted to do a quick post about a few of the highlights. 

Our steps were in really sad shape. When we bought them, we had them covered in carpet so the puppies could get a good grip on them.  After four years the carpet was a disaster. So Jim redid them using composite decking. Boy do they look good now.

The Mesa Latter-day Saint Temple was completely renovated and they held an open house prior to the dedication. The open house was open to anyone who wanted to attend. I was able to get ten tickets and found 8 others who wanted to go. We took Ginny, Mickey and Paul in our truck. It was a truly wonderful experience. So peaceful and quiet. Wish some of that peace would be a part of our daily life.


And after two very long long years we finally got to meet for lunch with Jan and Bill. They are no longer rving but they keep more than busy exploring the world. We had Italian which was delicious but the company was so much better.

And I always need a couple of sky pictures. 

 My next post will update you on what is happening in our world. In the meantime I hope all of you have a truly wonderful Thanksgiving. I have so much to be grateful for - family, friends, blog readers, beautiful weather and skies, and so much more. Especially Jim.



  1. Thanks for the update. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jim!!

  2. We think of you often. I will keep on reading your blog. Happy Thanksgiving America friends

  3. I would have gone with you to see the temple if I'd been there. I miss going to church regularly now that I am more or less housebound.

    It was good to see Jan and Bill are alive and well. I often wonder about those we no longer meet up with. And Toni's comment was good to see as well.

    I originally left out the h from with so it said wit and that made me think of Denise (Sassy). I miss so many of you guys. I've been sorting my photos and reliving many of our get togethers. I'm glad to see you are still having them.

  4. Your sky pictures are always beautiful. I was quiet this summer but reading.
    Wishing you and Jim a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  5. Jim, you did a super job on the stairs.
    Glad you can meet up with Jan and Bill. They look really good.
    A very happy and blessed Thanksgiving to you and Jim. Love you.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Sandie and Jim! Looking forward to the update! 😃

  7. Happy Thanksgiving Jim and Sandie. Nice job on the stairs Jim, do you make house calls? LOL

  8. It was so good to see you two. Can't wait until we can do it again, even if it isn't until 2022. I'm waiting for Monday's blog.


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