Thursday, March 4, 2021

February 2021 - The Month of Love

 AJ, AZ   Very warm highs in the 80s and lows in the 40s

Weather here in AJ has been beautiful this month. While most of the rest of the country is experiencing below zero temperatures, blizzards, massive amounts of snow, no electricity, no heat, no water, tornadoes and earthquakes - we are truly enjoying our warm sunny weather. However, there will come a time when those warm sunny days get up above 100 and it won't be quite to wonderful.

Night after night we are treated to incredible sunsets to enjoy.

Jim and I watched the Super Bowl in our own home. We were both really torn about who we wanted to win. Jim really likes Patrick Mahomes but Tom Brady is such a legend. It was kind of neat to see the "old" guy win again.

I got my first shot this month. Paula drove me over to the stadium in Glendale while Jim dogsat Skittlez and Callie. The only reaction I had was a sore arm for a day. Hope the second shot on March 1 goes that good. Jim got his second shot and really didn't have much of a reaction. A sore arm and a little tired. I was so happy when they stuck that needle in his arm I cried.

Love Day arrived without a lot of fanfare this year. We did celebrate with a ribeye and crab cakes from Seafood Market and Restaurant. It was so good. Jim let me have a couple of bites of his steak and it didn't cause a flair up of gout which was extra special.

Jim won't be going fishing for a few weeks yet. A pair of doves decided to build a nest on his boat. He took the nest down but the next day they had kind of rebuilt it and laid an egg. Well, we are not going to disturb babies but were worried that the egg might roll off the boat. Jim built a retaining wall to protect the egg. Both Mom and Dad left the nest for a few minutes and Jim got a look in the nest. Now we have two eggs. Hopefully they will both hatch. 

Update - we still don't know if there are babies or not but our hopes are fading.

Skittlez has had a few bad days. We did take her to the vet and they wanted to do a thousand dollars worth of tests to tell us what is wrong with her. But because of her age and heart there isn't anything they can do. So we brought her home and she rebounded and is back to doing what she does best. Eating and sleeping. Her back legs are really getting worse so we carry her back and forth to her pee pads as much as we can. She is not in any pain except her arthritis and she is on gabapentin for that. We are just spending as much time with her as she has left and letting her know how much she is loved.

 Our son Todd is really into racing remote control cars. He drove over 500 miles in -32 degree weather to raced in Jamestown, ND. I try to remember that I would have done something like that when I was his age but not anymore. I don't understand the differences in the classes but he took a third and a first place. Now he needs a trophy case. He had a great time and returned home to his very understanding wife safely.

When I think about looking, we also have some pretty sunrises but not as colorful as our sunsets.

The rest of the month has been like the last year has been. Absolutely nothing to blog about.


  1. Beautiful sunsets. We miss them. We miss you more.

  2. Sounds like your February was just great. Did you get another pup?

    1. Oh never mind I see its your friends pup.

  3. Just surviving this virus is a challenge in itself.
    Glad you've had your Vaccines and can breathe a little easier. That alone is big news.
    Doves always build their nests in wide open areas where predators can easily get the eggs or the offspring.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Beautiful sunsets...always my favorite. Happy to hear Jim got his second and you got your first shot. We are still waiting to get ours, maybe by the end of the month.

  5. Dove nests are the worst things I've ever seen. Clearly they have no pride of place when constructing them! We keep finding them abandoned after the wind tears them down. Your sunsets have been really good!

  6. It looks to me like you found plenty to blog about. The everyday is just as important as the spectacular because we live our lives in the everyday.

  7. Those were definitely some beautiful sunsets. That Valentine's meal sounds delicious. There is a memory of doing things in -32 degree weather and that is where those things belong in my Nice that your son has found a hobby he truly enjoys.

  8. I wrote you a big, interesting comment and Blogger lost it. Now I don't remember what I said. So this mindless comment will have to suffice. ;c)

  9. Got my first shot today....very happy about it. But not as happy as I was when Tom Brady and the Bucs won! Picking out my sweatshirt 😂 we are happy to have the warm weather although I think it’s been warmer where you are than Havasu, go figure.

  10. I had no trouble with my first shot and thought the 2nd was going to be a snap. About 8 hrs after getting the 2nd dose my back started itching and it lasted for several hours. It nearly drove me crazy and i had 2nd thoughts about the vaccine. Now it's all just a memory and I hope I am protected!


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