Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy Birthday America

Canyon Ferry, MT   High 78  Low 54

We left the Jerome County Fairgrounds on Tuesday, June 30. This camper had pulled in next to us the night before. I don't think even if I was a whole lot younger that I could "RV" like this.

We originally planned on staying Tuesday night at the rest area in Lima, MT but even though it is a really nice rest area, it is not level at all. I suggested we head up the road about 30 miles to Clark Canyon Reservoir. We are really glad we did because once again we had fantastic views.

A storm moved through with a whole lot of wind. Lots of white caps out on the lake.

Wednesday morning the wind was still blowing hard and we were happy we only had 140 miles to go to our destination. However, as soon as we got out of the canyon, the winds weren't bad at all. Lots of beautiful clouds keeping the weather cool for travel.

That is fresh snow up there on those mountain tops. As long as it stays up there I can enjoy how beautiful it is.

We are now situated in our spot at the KOA Canyon Ferry, MT.  I'll take some pictures and do a post on our spot. This is a fishing camp and this week-end it is full of RVs and boats of all kinds. We are having storms every afternoon which is pretty usual for summer.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th of July. We are staying home and away from crowds.


  1. That Pod is bigger then the Tent I used to have.
    Glad you had Safe Travels and will Enjoy your site.
    Wishing you a Happy Independence Day.

    It's about time.

  2. Another of the things I like about living here is we can watch two sets of fireworks through our big windows in our living room. No mosquitoes! :)

    Hope your celebration was a good one, too. I like your temperatures a lot better than when you were stuck in AZ.

  3. Yes you have wonderful views. Stay safe over this holiday weekend.

  4. Glad you finally made it and can settle in for a while. Hopefully with no more issues.

  5. Fishing Camp? Jim better dust off those fishing poles! :cD

  6. Sounds like you are settled and will be enjoying the next couple of months. Great clouds in your pictures today. Honestly, I would have to agree about the little camper. Even when we were younger and tented I much preferred our cabin tent that we could stand up in. Take care and stay safe.

  7. Happy 4th of July to you both. I hope that the weather settles down so that Jim can get fishing.

  8. Happy 4th of July to you both. I hope that the weather settles down so that Jim can get fishing.


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