Thursday, July 16, 2020

A Welcome Visit

Canyon Ferry, MT   High 86  Low 52

Covid-19 cases are growing by leaps and bounds here in Montana. The Governor finally issued a mask mandate inside businesses except for restaurants and bars. Not that anyone will pay any attention to it. But Jim and I are still isolating either in the RV or out on the boat. And we wear our masks when out in public.

We tried a Walmart grocery pick up for the first time. Once we figured out which app to download everything went pretty smoothly. We picked our time, got our things ordered, let them know when we arrived and they were out within five minutes putting our items in the truck. The only thing that went wrong was the two items that weren't in stock. With our Fry's app back in AJ, we get a notification before our pick up time that let's us know which items are not in stock. Well, with the Walmart app I got the notification about two hours after our pick up.  We will continue to use the app cause it keeps us out of the store.

On Sunday our son David and his wife Kelly arrived with their camper. Definitely a welcome visit. Kelly only had a couple of days off work and we're sure glad they wanted to spend this time with us.

David did some fishing with his Dad. They caught three keepers so Jim sent them home with the kids. We spent a lot of time visiting and catching up. We were missing their daughter Katie but she had to work. It's been four years since we had seen them. Sure hope it's not another four years before the next visit.

David and Kelly

David and Jim

David, Kelly and Jim

We had another beautiful sunrise while they were here.

We were also blessed to see this beautiful rainbow. Pictures just don't do it justice. The colors were so vivid and it lasted a really long time.


  1. Like you, we are playing it safe. We do shop in stores on occasion but try to buy 2 weeks of groceries at a time

  2. David's hair is the same color as my oldest brother's hair. I've always envied him that color.

    I'm still isolating but Dave puts on one of his masks and goes to buy groceries. And we've both had medical appointments with the doctors wearing both a mask and a face shield after we answered all the questions about our risk level to even get into the office.

  3. I have been doing Walmart grocery delivery since March but these past few times things haven't gone very well. I picked 8-9am and I didn't get the order until 11:30 frozen foods were starting to defrost and they can't seem to get my number right so they can't call me to let me know they are here I even spoke to someone on the phone and he said he fixed it 2 weeks ago. Thinking about trying Fry's next.
    How nice ot get to see your kids for a few days.

  4. I was hoping y'all could get away from a busy Covid area but maybe there just aren't any.

  5. Glad you son came to visit! I usually get a notification about substitutions and out of stock items a few hours before pickup--but there can always be a glitch! One time I was driving to Sierra Vista and got a text--my order had been canceled--nationwide Walmart app shutdown!!

  6. The best thing you can do for avoiding the Virus is to stay out of the stores and keeping away from crowds.
    Nice being able to visit with Family.
    That picture was the tail end of a Double Rainbow.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. Glad you are working hard to stay safe.

  8. That's quite a beard and hair on David. Did he start growing it the last time you saw him? :cD

  9. I am so angry about this virus! Mandate mask wearing, lead by example and close the bars. Bars are super spreaders. No large gatherings. It's just not that difficult and it wouldn't be forever. Glad to see you had a visit from your son!

  10. What a beautiful rainbow! I get really irritated with people who won't wear a mask in public. I'm afraid this virus is going to crank up by August, and I doubt we will see daylight for another year or two. The U.S. has really been a sad case of mis-management and denial.


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