Tuesday, April 9, 2019

End of the Season

 AJ, AZ   High 89  Low 61

(I started this post a couple of weeks ago. My blogging mojo seems to have disappeared.)

Last Saturday we had our end of the season party. I cannot believe it is time for people to head out already. Like Jim said "It feels like we are just getting here." We seem to have lost this entire season with all of Jim's medical issues.

The party was a great time. Hawaiian theme with chicken and pork and all the sides with more than enough desserts. We held it outside around the pool and the weather was perfect.

Jim felt up to going to the party and Marv picked him up with his golf cart. We had a good time but it really wore him out.

The chicken dance.

And a beautiful sunset to go with the party.

Thanks to Wendy for all these wonderful pictures. 


  1. Looks like a party. Can't keep that man down. :)

  2. I've been wondering how Jim is doing. It used to be that diabetics took longer to recover. I don't know that it is true anymore as modern medicine improves every day. I hope he regains all his strength and health in the future.

  3. Nice that Jim got an outing but his first priority is to rebuild. Hang in there Jim. Soon you will be back to normal or likely even better :).

  4. Nice party around the pool. Happy to hear Jim was able to go. I bet he was tired. being down really zaps you energy. Take it slow Jim you'll get there.

  5. Could to see that Jim is improving.

  6. Looks like fun party, glad Jim could make it:)

  7. Good to have a party at any time.

  8. That looked like a good party. Our neighborhood had the last happy hour on Tuesday. Due to really bad planning on our part, we're here into June. Must do better! I'm so glad to see Jim was up to going to the party.

  9. If Jim didn't do so much chicken dancing, he wouldn't have been worn out... ;c)


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