Monday, March 18, 2019

Pretty in Pink, and Blue, and Green, and Yellow, and Orange

A beautiful pink and blue sunset.

I am so exhausted and it's really hard to blog when your brain is just mush. But I really need to get caught up on the Jim saga before I forget some of it.

Jim came home on Friday and we had great hopes that with the low fiber diet and the antibiotics he was on the road to recovery. We had a follow up appointment with the pacemaker technician and everything was working correctly. The only problem is we still didn't have a monitor so nobody is checking to see what Jim's heart is doing. We also had another follow up with the GI doctor (Jodi). She mentioned that he was anemic and wanted him to have blood work done again and see her in two weeks to follow up on that. She will also be scheduling another colonoscopy when she feels his colon has healed enough. 

At home, Jim was not eating. You know something is wrong if he isn't eating. His breathing was also getting worse. Remember - the pacemaker was supposed to help him breathe better. We kept hoping things would get better but Saturday night about midnight he woke me up because he can't breathe. I was going to drive him to the ER but he couldn't even get to the truck. I called 911 and they showed up about five minutes later. Our trailer was filled up with seven big husky men all working on Jim. Once they got him stabilized, they picked him up in a sling chair and off to the ER once again.

Like I said in my last post, this ER can only stabilize people and then find them a room at a hospital that can help them. Finding a hospital room in this area during snowbird season is a real challenge. It took them almost 15 hours to finally find a room at Banner Baywood. Once again he got transported to another hospital. While in the ER they determined that he had fluid on his lungs, a result of congestive heart failure. The blood tests also showed that his red blood cell count had really improved which is a good thing.

Banner Baywood is actually the hospital that my Aunt Happy built (well her money built) many years ago. They have excellent heart doctors and Jim is definitely right where he needs to be. They put him on a diuretic and that has really helped to remove the fluid from his chest which means that he can breathe better. In fact, I just talked to him and he says he feels better than he has in weeks. He's also up and walking around. Hopefully this time when I bring him home he can stay here.

Time to change the subject. We have had a wet and cold winter. Probably the worst since we've been here. And it lasted for a long time. Usually we have a couple of bad days and then it warms up but not this year. What that means is that our desert is green, green, green. I've taken a couple of pictures but they aren't very good.

We also have these beautiful yellow flowers blooming just down the road from us.

However, this next picture is incredible. Our neighbor Wendy told us where to find these flowers so we stopped so I could take some pictures. I have never seen the desert bloom like it is this year. So overwhelmingly beautiful. No need to touch up this piece of God's work.

I just talked to Jim and we're not sure when he'll be coming home but hopefully not too long. 

(he's not here to proof this so please forgive the scattered thoughts)


  1. Prayers continue. Plus hugs for you.

  2. Sometimes it takes awhile to get things right and I am keeping Jim in my deepest thoughts and you also.

    I have not found any beautiful flowers in ths area yet. Wonder why?

  3. Oh Sandie--my prayers and thoughts go out to Jim and you. Hopefully Jim will feel better soon. Your last photo is a winner--gorgeous!! And yes, this has been the coldest, most wet winter we've ever experienced in AZ!

  4. Wow, all I can say is that once you get Jim back home this time, he is going to be like brand new.

    Amazing flowers. Hang in there. Hugs!

  5. Sorry to ear that Jim is still dealing wit his issues but hopefully corrected soon.

  6. Hoping they finally have Jim's meds properly balanced out. Wishing you both only the best.
    Love the change in the desert this year.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. Love you photos, and yes a very cold longe winter like you the worst we have seen.
    Our prayers continue for Jim.

  8. Oh man, what a scare! Hope Jim comes home soon, hospitals are no fun. You always do better at home.

  9. That last picture is beautiful!!! So wish i could see that...
    Sorry to hear about Jim. Hope this finds him getting better... this getting old... there are no words
    Take Care and God Bless

  10. It sounds like it's all going well now with Jim. I hope he's home and feeling great soon. Your photos are gorgeous - what a bloom!

  11. Wow. So much happening. Glad Jim could find a room at Aunt Happy's hospital. That is one of the reasons I stay in this ridiculously big city - the medical center is world famous and whether it is me or a loved one, nice to know there is a good hospital close. Although, I have to admit that I had not thought about a bed being available. I guess we will have to schedule our medical problems from now on.

  12. Your area is having an amazing bloom. Tucson doesn't seem to have those great swaths of color. Hope Jim is doing better, and that the docs can get him sorted out. All the best to you, as well.

  13. I am keeping you both in my thoughts and hope Jim is doing better real soon!

  14. Hope all is well. Sending positive thought your way.

  15. I hope all is improving. Sounds like you both have had some rough times. I will pray. I promise.

  16. Pink sunsets are my absolute favorites! They are quite rare in my region and I always use my oppurtunity to make a nice picture :)


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