Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year -2019

AJ, AZ   High  48  Low 33

We are experiencing a rather “chilly” start to our new year here in Arizona. New Year’s Eve we had rain – a little over half an inch – which put a damper on any exciting celebrations we might have had planned. But since we didn’t have anything planned except a quiet evening with just us and the pups, the rain was not a problem.

My favorite mountains, The Superstitions, had a dusting of snow on them this morning once the clouds lifted.


I was looking back in my blog to see what the weather was like over the years. The following picture of the Superstitions is from January 1, 2015. It was also cold that year – high of 48 and a low of 28.

snow - 2015

This cowboy was out for a leisurely ride. Notice the snow on the mountain in the background.



Rocky and Skittlez are enjoying the start of 2019 in their favorite manner.


An Arizona sunset


We hope that 2019 brings all of our friends and family a year of joy, peace and love


  1. What a nice relaxing New Years eve, love the mountains there and the desert sunsets always wonderful.
    Happy New Year to you guys as well.

  2. All of us on the West Coast and a bit inland are cold this year. Snuggle together and stay warm. Happy 2019 to all of you.

  3. Happy New Year Jim and Sandie,

    Couldn't believe the snow this morning. I'll post in a bit with pictures. Stay warm

  4. Happy New Year--don't think we've ever experienced a more cold and wet Arizona winter!

  5. I started my 2019 the same way as your pups. :cD

  6. Beautiful mountains, sunset! Our 2019 was a quiet day, nicely so.

    Arizona is an amazingly beautiful place.

  7. I've been really bad at being on FB and reading blogs. We've been SO busy that I barely look. One of these days I will catch up I promise! Love the dusting of snow. I have pictures when we had a little bit around AJ too.


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