Wednesday, January 23, 2019

10 Years

I'm a couple days late posting this. Life keeps getting in my way.

We left Billings, MT the afternoon of January 21, 2009 to begin our full time lifestyle. We were 72 feet long and ready for adventures.

We were trying to outrun a snow storm that was headed into Montana. I had suggested waiting til the next morning to leave but Jim knew that the roads would be far worse so we decided to head out and see how far we got. Our first night we spent in Bozeman, MT in a motel room. It was so cold we just wanted some place to get warm and get some sleep.

I was still in a wheelchair from a broken ankle and ruptured Achilles tendon. I could hobble a few feet and crawl up and down steps but most of the time Jim was pushing me in a wheelchair. 

This picture was taken at Covee Fort, UT. It was windy and cold but we were ready to visit new places.

We stopped in Las Vegas for a few nights and then headed for Apache Junction where we had reservations for a month at a park not far from where we are now. My sister and her husband were in Mesa and we wanted to explore this area. The RV park was okay but the sites were so small we barely fit. We decided to check out all the parks in this area and find one that we felt comfortable in.

We must have driven through 50 RV parks. When we drove through Santa Fe RV Park, there was just a feeling about this place. The sites were large and spacious. The park was kept in fantastic shape. And they offered a Passport America rate of $13.50 a night for two weeks. We took them up on that. 

We enjoyed our stay so much we put our names on a list for a permanent spot. Since pets were only allowed on the back row we figured it could be a couple of years or so before we were offered a site. Little did we know that one would become available that October. 

Now Site #34 has become our home base. Couldn't ask for a more perfect spot to spend the winters with the best neighbors in the whole world. 

We've had fantastic adventures these last ten years and I know we have more good times ahead of us.


  1. And we met you shortly after that in the Pinal County Fairgrounds.

  2. Wow! Time flies, doesn’t it. Your home base in A J is great!

  3. I'm not an adventurist, but you guys sure seem to be doing it right. Here is to many fun years ahead.

  4. Glad you had many years behind you and many more that you will be Enjoying the Dream.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Yes. You have a very nice place there.

  6. Time does move. What a good ten years it has been!

  7. WOW Ten years that's fantastick and now you have your new home there. Keep living the dream and keep having fun adventures

  8. Amazing how time flies, living the dream and avoiding the cold northern winters, And you will have many more to enjoy as well.

  9. Here's to the next ten years of fun! :c)

  10. Happy 10th to the Class of 2009 President :-)

    We are a few months behind you and will be posting our 10th in September.

    Catching up; you are doing fine with Blogger, only thing I have used. Hope your geriatric furkids are doing fine.

    Miss you guys, wish we were in the Valley of the Sun.

  11. Keep on rolling! Lots of adventures are still left in your bones.

  12. Congratulations on your ten years. We had to give up full time just short of ten years because of belt issues, but did manage to get in two six month trips Now it's just intermittently. Keep going and enjoy every minute. Good luck and safe travels.

  13. Glad you lucked into a good spot. Hope the weather stays enjoyable because the rest of the country will be suffering.

  14. great home base.
    have a wonderful day

  15. Time is sure flying by. Still remember our excitement back in 2005 when we hit the road and it all started with a broken tranny in BC. Well, we have overcome other obstacles over the years. Glad we did what we did. Those times will never come back.


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