Monday, August 20, 2018

Canyon Ferry Wrap Up

Weather – we had a couple of 100 days but the majority of the time the weather hasn’t been bad at all. And the nights cool down nicely.

We’ve also been very lucky that we didn’t get a lot of smoke until this last week. But it is definitely here now.

I took this picture in July of the road to the campground and the lake.


This one was taken a couple days ago.


We leave here on Saturday and head to Billings for a few days. It’ll be fun to see the kids again. I also have an eye appointment and the truck will go in for its yearly service work.

I have a few pictures of the pups that I want to post.

Our Rock Star.


This is Rocky fishing with Jim.



This is Skittlez NOT fishing with Jim.



We saw this rig in the Helena Walmart parking lot. It does have a current Montana license plate but boy is it scary to think it is on the road somewhere.


We are leaving with a freezer full of walleye and Wilcoxson’s fudgesicles. Jim has had a fantastic summer of catching and is looking forward to coming back again next year. Hopefully all those fish he threw back will have grown up and make for keepers next time.

It has been a rough summer with the pups. Skittlez is doing much better after her back problems. But her back legs will never be as strong as they were. They often given out on her as she’s walking but she’s still bouncy when it comes to food.

Rocky is having heart problems. We’ve got him on all the same medications that we gave Scooter and we’re hoping that they can keep him with us for a long time to come.


They both get very agitated if we leave them for very long, so we don’t go very far away without them. When we make the run into Helena for shopping, I usually sit in the truck with them while Jim goes in and does the shopping. It’s been too hot to leave them in the truck. And if I stay home with them, Rocky drives me crazy with his groaning for Jim.

That’s been our summer here at Canyon Ferry. Our spot will be waiting for us when we arrive next year.


  1. I cannot believe your stay is done there. Time is flying by. Having said that, the last days until we move are endless.

  2. We've had a lot of smoke too. It reminds me of all the fires last year. So sad. Love the dogs. Our summers aren't bad even when the temperatures reach 100 because of the breezes and cool nights. Safe travels.

  3. My goodness time to move on so soon. To bad the smoke found it's way to you. I guess I shouldn't complain about the very high heat here AZ. fires where early but early rains came to the high country and things turned around. Safe travels pups look good in spite of their medical issues

  4. Even dogs know that getting old is not for sissies.

  5. Amazing how quickly the summer flies by, time to move on and enjoy some new places. Travel safe.

  6. Looking forward to your adventures on the trip east.

  7. Glad your summer has been a good one.
    That RV resembles one we saw in Michigan that had load straps over the roof to keep the back end from dragging on the ground.
    The sound of Jim's Fishing Catch makes my mouth water.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  8. That RV doesn't need a map of America on its side to show where it has been, just follow the parts it has dropped on the road along the way! :cD

  9. Hi Sandi, I’m sorry the pups are not feeling 100%! You made me giggle with your Rocky fishing and Rockie not fishing pix. Looks like you’ll be eating a lot of fish! Good for Jim! Years ago when Rich and I were out West we got behind an “RV” that was a disaster waiting to happen. We often wondered whether it ever did.

  10. It is like you have two newborn babies. Secretly, I think they know they have you two wrapped around their little pawns.
    I can't believe no police officer has seen that thing going down the road. It is an accident waiting to happen.

    1. It was fun visiting you there, and I hope to visit again next year. Mostly I wish you all were back here in AZ, but I was in the Valley yesterday and it is still wayyyy too hot.

  11. Looks like the dogs love to pose for the pictures:)

  12. This household is also addicted to Wilcoxson’s fudgesicles! :)

  13. Love the fur baby pictures! Looking forward to following your travels east.


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