Thursday, July 5, 2018

Skittlez Goes To The Vet

Helena, MT   High 59  Low 46

I’m posting this so I have a record of what and when it happened.

When we were in Sweet, ID Skittlez decided to jump off the sofa instead of using the steps we have for her. She yelped but then seemed to be okay. But the next morning she could hardly move and was shaking and shivering uncontrollably.

We knew immediately it was her back. We had some of Rocky’s pain medications and gave her a pain pill. We also immediately restricted any movement on her part. If she needed to go out, Jim carries her in and out.

Jan, I am really gray. I’m 14 now and almost completely deaf.


We give her Gabapentin in the morning and Metacam in the evening. After six days she started to feel better, however we kept her restricted and on pain meds. We got to Canyon Ferry on Wednesday and took her to our vet in Helena on Thursday. I wasn’t sure if the two medications we were giving her were what she really needed, but the vet said we were doing exactly the right thing. She refilled our prescriptions and we were good to go.

Skitz is doing much much better but still needs pain meds every 12 hours. They make her kind of sleepy so she spends most of the day sleeping which is also helping her heal.

She has always liked to be in more confined spaces, so she has made a cave for herself at the foot of the bed right in front of the heat vent.


20180610_192922Then there is Rocky. He’s still Jim’s Velcro dog and still drives me crazy with his whining if Jim is outside and he’s not. Since the weather is so beautiful, Jim puts him in his bed in the truck and this dog is so happy he’ll stay there for hours.

Our beagle, Ginger, was exactly the same way. She would lay in our Suburban all day long. Even if the vehicle never moved.

Ginger when she was a puppy. Her Mom and Dad and all her siblings were tricolored beagles, but Todd wanted the white one.


When we were at the vet’s, somebody brought in a pit bull puppy. So much energy. The vet counter is high enough I can just barely lay my arms on top, and this puppy jumped up on the counter from a standing jump. Wow. So Rocky decided he wanted to show us how good he could jump. He used the step stool as a springboard and ended up on the messy bed just like there was nothing to it.


Life is never dull with the pups around.


  1. So glad you had the meds on had for Skittlez. She must have been in shock after the fall and so did not register the pain at first. Hopefully she will make a full recovery. There is nothing more that you can do than what you are doing. However I know how stressful it is for you all. Hugs to you.

  2. Keep that sweet pup Skittlez comfortable

  3. Skittlez looks like a sweet, precious old lady! Hope you can keep her comfortable while she continues to heal. Our Poppy was like your Ginger, she loved to be in the car, moving or not. When she got dementia, sometimes the only way to calm her was to put her in the car and let her sleep.

  4. It really is tough when our "babies" aren't feeling good. Here's hoping a quick recovery is heading her way.

  5. I'm so glad she's okay. You guys are such good pup parents! :)

  6. I hope Skittlez heals well. Rocky makes me laugh.

  7. Yes ---life is interesting when you have pets... I miss my Duchess.... Someday--when I get old (HA HA HA) ---I want another doggie!!!!

    Glad Skittlez is doing better. You were a great nurse!!!!!

    Have fun out there in the beautiful WEST!!!!


  8. Sorry Skittles hurt herself. With you two as her caregivers, she should heal perfectly.

  9. I still can't believe how fast she turned gray.

  10. I'm so happy Skittlez is healing OK. It is so scary when they get hurt or sick. Fred must have gotten hold of a lizard or something last week and wasn't doing so good he never learns about eating things.

  11. They sure have a good life:) Halley is now 11 and slowing down quite a bit. Her favorite things now are eating and sleeping:))

  12. I know Skittlez is in good hand with you guys. Our Nick had a similar issue and he is on meds every day to every other day. Skittlez is a very lucky dog to have such caring and compassionate parents.

  13. Glad that you managed to get things under control once again.

  14. Never a dull moment with pets and fulltiming, especially as they get older.

  15. How did I miss this about Skittlez? I hate it when they are hurting. When Jack hurt his leg once, the vet gave me medication that was very expensive BUT I gave him one pill and it was amazing. I remember Lizzie being on Tramadol at one time, too. I hope there's no need for any kind of pain medication in Skittlez's future. Hugs and kisses to her and "Velcro". Looking forward to October!!


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