Sunday, July 15, 2018

Silos KOA–Canyon Ferry, MT

High 94  Low 64

I want to do a post about what is becoming our Montana home. We really like this park and its especially nice that Jim and Rocky can be fishing in about 15 minutes.

We are located about 25 miles southeast of Helena and 8 miles north of Townsend. There is a small, expensive, grocery store in Townsend, a couple of restaurants, a gas station, and a really great bakery. We go up to Helena to do most of our shopping. That’s also where our vet is located and my sister and her husband live there.

This is our view as we leave the campground.


This is the view of the mountains in the rain.


The view as we approach our campground. You can see the lake at the end of the road.


The Salem Travel Trailer in the middle of the picture is our home.


This KOA has many seasonal campers and is definitely a fishing camp. But it always amazes me the number of overnighters that stop here. Helena doesn’t have many options especially if you want hookups.

There is one thing that really irritates me about this place. People do not respect your campsite space. You just would not believe the number of people who walk through our space. I’ve stopped several of them and asked them very politely not to. One woman told me that it was just too tempting. Another guy said he thought it was an empty site. I realize the truck and boat were gone but the door and windows were open, chairs and bbq are sitting out. Empty???

This is our site. Number 17.


I was concerned about the fireworks on the 4th. Our pups really do not like them and neither do Jim and I. But this was a wonderful place to be. There were some fireworks on the 4th but they were finished by midnight and didn’t go on for days before or after the 4th. Worked out really good for us.


Sunset from our front door.


Jim and Rocky are fishing almost every day. At the rate they’re catching, our freezer will soon be full of walleye.

Just a small sample of what he’s been catching.


We will be here until August 27 so I probably won’t be posting many blogs. When we leave here we head for Billings for a week and then we’ll be making our way east to Virginia. I’ll have lots to blog about then.


  1. That the site you were in when we visited you isn't it?

  2. Looks like a wonderful place to hang out for a while, Jim fishing every day and so much fresh Walleye, oh my what a feast!

  3. Great view...maybe not so nice in about 6 months...well still nice view but a bit chilly.

  4. Looks like an awesome site. My kinda place. �� and i'm glad Jim and Rocky are able to get out so often, just wish I was able to give them company. ������ enjoy!!

  5. Looks like a great location especially for a fisherman. I'm always surprised that it is so warm way up there in MT.

  6. Perfect except for neighbors; isn't that often the story about a campground? I'm glad you are enjoying the perfect part.

  7. Those must be American fish. Nothing like I've ever seen. We know about people walking through sites. Irritating for sure.

  8. Enjoy the fish! There is nothing so good as a freshly caught fish. So many people have no manners, nor do they treat others as they would like to be treated.

  9. Some of your photos looked like they could have been postcards. What a gorgeous part of the country.

  10. Fabulous sunset photo. Looking forward to Virginial

  11. Great pictures of your summer home. Amazing how rude people can be isn't it.

  12. I bet you're leaving in August because by that time Jim will have caught all the fish in the lake. ;c)

    Cruise was great, have to find time to put up a post. We're back home in SC, just outside of Columbia.

  13. I don't think many people today are even aware of campground courtesies. I've had them walk through my site when I was sitting outside in my chair--don't even say hello. Maybe I should have wrapped myself in cellophane and stood in the doorway of my trailer--that would have sent them running, for sure. LOL

    Jim and Rocky sure are good fishermen.

  14. Pictures are fabulous of your summer home. Love the area and very glad you're enjoying it. Stay cool!

  15. Beautiful views!! Good eats on fresh caught fish, enjoy.

    I was really hoping to catch up and get Jim some flight time when you come east. Obviously with the recent event we’ll have to push for a later meet up.

    Be safe, enjoy the journey.

  16. Wow... that view of the lake at the end of the road is so inviting.


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