Saturday, April 28, 2018

Boatport, Dinner, and Cataract Surgery

AJ, AZ  High 98  Low 71

The list is getting smaller and I’m not adding to it so Jim is happy.

The boatport is up and we love it. Previously we parked our boat in somebody else’s carport during the summer. That meant that we needed to time our return to the valley so that we could move the boat before the carport owner’s returned. Now we can wander as late into the Autumn as we want to.



We had dinner one night with our good friends, Nan and John. They were camped out at Lost Dutchman State Park. So good to be able to visit with them for a short time.



Jim is now minus one cataract. He had it removed on Wednesday. Had kind of a rough day but by Thursday morning he was feeling much better. His vision on Wednesday after the surgery was really tilted and blurry. Today it is just blurry as he waits for the swelling to go down. We had this procedure done at Barnet-Delaney-Perkins Eye Center and they use a new type of medicated drop during the surgery which eliminates the necessity for any eye drops prior to or following surgery. Sure makes it a lot simpler.

Lesson learned – Jim was not allowed to eat for 8 hours prior to his surgery. Being diabetic that means that his blood sugar is going to drop and drop it did. It was only 67 when he got out of surgery. They gave him some juice but that wasn’t enough. We hadn’t come prepared for this but as soon as I got him home, I got some food in him. Next time I’m taking some orange juice and a cookie with us.

Do you have any idea how many times a day you bend down, especially if you have two small dogs who refuse to go out at the same time? Jim usually hooks the dogs up and takes them out but since he can’t bend over until next week, I am doing the bending. Had no idea how often he had to do this. You also have to bend over to pick up their dishes and put them back down when it’s time to eat. Good grief.

He will have the left cataract removed on May 9, which means I’ll be doing the bending again. It really is good exercise but I’ll glad turn it back over to Jim.

Rocky also had his eye checkup. Some wonderful lady had paid for him to have cataract surgery before we adopted him. He requires eye drops every day and once a year we see his eye doctor. His eyes are perfect so he’s good for another year.


  1. Great boat canopy. Looks fancy. Glad the first eye is done an yes there is a lot of bending with dogs. Double when you have two:) Good luck keeping Jim upright for 8 days.

  2. Yep sometimes we don't realize how much our guys do until we have to take over, lol. Glad he is feeling better..

  3. The boat canopy looks nice! I hope Jim's eye recovers quickly - I've heard people get back very good eyesight after that surgery. Things are coming right along, I love it when my list gets short! :)

  4. Love the boatport! It's nice you got to spend some time with Nan and John. What fun! Hopefully Jim's next eye will be ready to go soon. I bet you're ready for some cooler weather too.

  5. I'm taking notes. I told my daughter to remember that I need to bring orange juice and cookies with me. I got the permission to wait a while longer but it was not from the doctor who's been monitoring me. It was also not from a doctor who has a financial interest in might getting the surgery done. But I would like for the blur to go away so I am looking forward 2 getting both of my eyes in Ship Shape condition.

  6. I'll bet Jim is happy with his boat shelter. It takes the pressure off when you decide to return to AJ.

  7. Love the beat shelter and nice ti here the cataract surgery went well , could be my turn in the near future, according to the eye doc, hoping the timing works well for us.
    Hope he has a speedy recovery.

  8. That is a very nice boat canopy!! I know you will be glad you don’t have to hurry back anymore!!
    Sending good wishes for another successful cataract surgery!! His eye sight should really improve after this!!

  9. Nice boat shelter. Hope Jim's recovery goes well for this and the next surgery.

  10. that really is a nice boat shelter and a nice boat.
    Glad Jim's eye surgery went well.

  11. It’s always so fun to hear from you and see what you are up to. When Bob had his hole in his head and heart surgery I had to do all the cat chores. I was glad when I could give them back so know how you feel

  12. Nice looking boat home. Bev has had both eyes done and it made a world of difference.

  13. That's good news that there are new drops that eliminate the month long variety. Wish they were available when I had mine done.

  14. They are making great strides in medicine and Cataract surgery is one of them..So glad he is feeling better..Diabetes does complicate things! Hugs to you and Jim.

  15. Glad to hear the surgery went well. Nice not to have to take the drops, I still have three more days with mine. It is a whole month's worth. It four days after surgery before my sight was really settled in.


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