Sunday, November 13, 2016

Fishing, Veterans, and Friends

AJ, AZ   High 83  Low 64

The weather has been beautiful this past week. A little breezy at times but still gorgeous.

Jim had to replace the starter on the boat, but as soon as he got that done he and Mark went fishing. Had a good time but no fish. The next day he and Marv went fishing. For some reason Jim and Marv together are a jinx on the boat. This time, the starting battery died and would not start no matter what they tried. This happened last year but they were able to get it going. Not this year. So they were using the trolling motor to get back to shore when they were able to flag down another fisherman. He was able to give them a jump and they made it in. Jim now has a new battery in the boat.

BUT – look at what Marv caught. It’s a huge large mouth bass. No, they didn’t keep it. But he sure gave Marv a run for his money.


November 2016On Veterans Day we went to the parade here in AJ. It was a wonderful tribute to our men and women in the armed services. I remember my Dad walking in the parade in our home town of Sidney, MT carrying his father’s flag. All the deceased veterans had a flag that was carried in the parade and then raised in the park for the day. My Dad was so proud of being an American and he passed that love of country on to his children.

A few pictures from the parade




He drove this car backwards in the parade. Had Fife as a license plate.


Our future



Lots of old cars


Our Vietnam Vets


And what is a parade without horses


The pictures aren’t the best because we were sitting on the wrong side of the street. The sun was shining brightly into the lens of the camera.

After the parade we headed out to Chandler to meet up with Jan and Bill for lunch. Jan had an eye appointment and everything went really good so we were celebrating. Found a place called Philly’s Famous. Really had no idea what to expect but what a find. One of the best Philly sandwiches we have ever had. Jim ordered an Italian Hoagie which was really good but after he had a bite of my Philly, he knew he had made a mistake. We will definitely find a way to get back over there again.



  1. Now that is a fish!
    I love parades! wrong side of the road or not!
    Nice photo of the four of you.

  2. Looks like an amazing parade and what a good time you had. Well, we might be willing to tag along to eat there if you go again ...

  3. What a fun time. a very nice large fish a parade and lunch with friends, wonderful !

  4. Have you ever tried the Philly sandwich at Forefathers? It's one of our favorites.

  5. Now that was some fish! Nice to see you are busy having lots to do. And yes the weather has been gorgeous, but oh the wind we had here. Still sneezing

  6. Hard to beat a good parade or a big bass.

  7. Wow! What a fish! Glad you got to see a parade for Veterans day. With all the election stuff going on and packing for my trip, I hate to admit that I completely forgot that Veterans day was here. I usually do a special blog just to remember them, but I missed the boat. :( Bad on me. Veterans Day parades seemed to be more prevalent in the north than here in the south. Everyone dressed in red, white, and blue and parades and ceremonies were all over the place.

  8. That will teach you! Always sit on the side of the street that makes for good pictures! ;-D.

  9. Now that was some fish! Nice to see you are busy having lots to do. And yes the weather has been gorgeous

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