Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Gotta Love Those Wings

Billings, MT   High 71  Low 49

Several of you commented on our friends who travel with 9 children. Dana has written several really great posts about how they full time with such a large family. If you are interested in their story, please check out her blog at Traveling Tribe.  I also want you to know that this is one family that we would definitely camp next to. I am old and not very patient with kids anymore, but these children are incredibly polite and respectful. Just a total delight.

Jan – you mentioned the old kitchen floor. This is what it looked like before:


And after:


Very different and it has taken me a little while to get used to it.

Todd got a new grill for his birthday and he and Jim had bonding time putting it together. I think Todd did most of the work though.


Then Todd grilled our dinner for us. It was soooo good. Always love it when I don’t have to cook.


While Todd was putting together the grill, Jim was busy taking apart the old back steps


and building new ones. Still need to paint the railing.


We still don’t have a dry wall person yet. Hopefully today.

We have been having severe thunderstorms almost every afternoon and had some pea sized hail a couple of days ago. There was a tornado that touched down in Baker, MT in the extreme eastern part of the state which has also been hit really hard with large hail.  I will be so glad when this unsettled weather finally settles down into summer.

This was our beautiful sky last night.



  1. yep we had some very small hail last night here in central Iowa...

  2. Anything on the BBQ is wonderful.
    Love you sunset sky.

  3. Our apartment got new bathroom tile that is much darker than what was in there. I had to put a white throw rug down until I got used to the new color. It's fine now.

  4. We too have had the Tichnor family as next door neighbors. We didn't know they even had kids til we had been there two days. They were so kind, quiet and respectful.

  5. Now you don't give Jim enough credit. I bet he had to tell Todd how to put the entire grill together.
    Thanks for the link to the family. I do want to read up on some of their adventures.

  6. I love the kitchen floor. It is similar to what I have in my bathroom, and which I like well enough to think about putting it in the kitchen as well.

    I love food cooked on the grill but it just isn't worth having one for just one person. I hated cleaning it!

  7. It sure pays to be handy, can I please borrow Jim? ;c)

  8. I still don't remember the old floor, but I love the new one. I hated the floor in the Montana when we bought it, but I do like it now.

  9. We must have had your storm here. We had rain, wind, thunder, lightening, and lots of hail.

    Your floor looks nice and sure is great when others cook ... I AGree.

  10. Love the new floor, good decision.

  11. Awww! You are so sweet! And we'd love to camp next to you too! lol.
    I couldn't believe it when I saw you two at the Strawberry Festival! I'm so very glad that you stopped and said Hi! <3
    Hope to see you in Helena this summer!
    :) dana

  12. As you know it is so incredibly hot here turning on the grill would be horrible, besided I can just through a steak on the road and get the same results.
    I love the new floor.

  13. That chicken looks sooo good. And Todd sure looks like Jim.

  14. That chicken looks sooo good. And Todd sure looks like Jim.

  15. What 71 degrees. Be still my heart. I'm dying here.

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