Sunday, May 15, 2016

Progress–Sort Of

AJ, AZ  High 103  Low 72

Jim took his last fishing trip of the Arizona season and once again caught some beautiful fish.


The boat is now tucked away under Pat and Polly’s carport for the summer waiting upon our return.

Paula ( bought herself an RV and we were able to be a part of the process with her. We wish her many happy travels.

We got new tires on the Bungalow. The tires on the truck are rotated and balanced.

We also bought a propane tank lock. Our good friends, Ginny and Mickey, headed east and got as far as the Route 66 Casino just west of Albuquerque where they spent the night with other RV’s. During the night they heard a noise and Ginny looked out to see a truck or car driving off. They went outside to look around and discovered both of their 30 lb propane tanks had been stolen. More than likely they were stolen by meth dealers who use the propane to cook their product. What a sad world we live in.

DSCN1940I started looking for propane tank locks and found what seems to be the only one on the market. Our favorite RV store here in AJ carries them and it is now installed on our tanks.

This is how it looks installed.



Now if they could just invent something that would work on a fifth wheel propane tank.

We said goodbye to Aunt Happy for the summer. She is doing amazingly well. She is still using a wheel chair when she leaves her apartment but is able to use her walker inside. When we left she was on her way to the party upstairs.

More doctor appointments next week. The biggie is on the 24th when we see the Oncologist.


  1. So very happy that you are just about on the move again. Good luck on the 24th.

  2. Prayers for a great report from the Oncologist. We still have yet to arrive in Indy.
    but we are much more comfortable in Alabama weather.

  3. Good luck with the Oncologist. The tank lock is a good idea. Ours on the Motorhome would be very hard to remove.

  4. Sounds like you are just about to put on your traveling clothes. Wishing you the best with all those doctor appointments.

  5. Nooooo! You can't leave!!!
    Ok, I know you want to so I won't whimper too much. Thanks for all the help, and especially for Jim postponing his fishing trip for a few hours to hold my hand during the RV check.

  6. Wow, that tank theft was something. Good thing you've taken action to prevent yours from "walking away"!

  7. All your appointments are going to go well and you will have a great trip back to Montana. I've decided. (Working on my power of positive thinking.)

  8. Meanness everywhere. I'm glad you learned about this and were able to lock your down before something similar happens.

  9. What a clever idea for the tanks. I'm sure Jim could have invented something.

  10. Stealing propane tanks, what next? Nice fish :) Good luck with the medical appointment.

  11. These creeps these days are breaking into homes here in broad day light and nobody seems to notice them. It is creepy.

    Hope all goes well with Jim's Dr. appt. and you get to head out.

  12. I never heard of propane tank thieves. Shameful. Hope everything is fine and you can get on the road.

  13. I never heard of propane tank thieves. Shameful. Hope everything is fine and you can get on the road.

  14. Who cooks the fish, you or Jim?


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