Thursday, April 7, 2016

Aunt Happy Fell

AJ, AZ   High 87  Low 63

I got to have lunch with Connie and Dianna last Friday. We all worked together at the IRS in Billings, MT and all of us agree that we don’t miss anything about that place.

Last night we met up with Jeri and Terry at Garcia’s for dinner. Sure was glad they could meet up with us. They are some of the busiest people I know. Safe travels as you head north for the summer.

Jim is out flying his airplane today. Been out fishing a couple of days and is feeling really good.

The news is not so good for Aunt Happy. However the good news is that she did not break any bones. I swear she has the hardest bones of any person anywhere. They took her to the hospital to make sure there were no broken bones and then moved her to a rehab center. We have been to visit her a couple of times and she is very weak. She also has problems finishing her thoughts when she’s talking to us. It is so hard to see this very vital woman becoming old before our eyes. I have been in contact with her niece, Bonnie, who lives in Missoula, MT and I told her that Happy can no longer live on her own. She is going to need constant care.

I took these pictures the last time we visited with Happy before she fell. They were having a party to celebrate all the March birthdays.


Bonnie is her POA and will be here next week to try and make some decisions as to where she needs to go. I am really impressed with where she is now – Good Samaritan/Good Shepherd in Mesa. They have a nursing home connected with their rehab facility so I told Bonnie that I hope Happy can stay there. She likes the people and the food and those are major pluses. She is no longer strong enough to walk so she’s been confined to a wheel chair. Hopefully all goes well next week.

These guys really aren’t very good but like Jim said, everybody is so hard of hearing that it really doesn’t matter. They were having fun.


Rod is at home and the last thing I heard was what his son posted on FB – he’s doing great. If you would like to send him a card, please either give me your e-mail or send me an e-mail and I can give you the address. Thanks.

The month of May is filled with doctor appointments. My hope is that our appointment with the Oncologist on the 24th goes well and we can be out of here on the 25th. At least those are my plans.


  1. Sorry to hear about Aunt Happy, but it sounds like she is in a place that she is comfortable with.

  2. Oh, so sorry to hear about Aunt Happy. Did she hit her head when she fell? Hopefully the confusion is temporary. I think at 100, the fact that she didn't break a bone is amazing. I'm so glad she has you and Jim to look after her. Hope all goes well at the doc so you can be on the go again (although nothing seems to slow Jim down!) LOL

  3. I can't believe that she didn't break something. Do you think she might have had a mini stroke?

  4. Sorry to hear about Aunt Happy, hope all improves for her. It is so hard watching relatives grow old. Mother in-law passing away and father in Law just had bowl surgery, may Mother had a fall last month and is in a nursing home now not very responsive anymore.
    Glad to hear Rod is doing better now too.

  5. Aunt Happy liking the food is important. :)

  6. I think watching someone age is more difficult than aging yourself. Hope Aunt Happy finds a place to stay Happy.

    A crowd that can't hear very well, finally a place I can play my guitar!

  7. So sorry for Aunt Happy's fall. It just seems when we get in our 80's-90's any little mishap takes our bodies forever to recover. So glad to read that she does like the people. I am sure it is a bit difficult for her to leave all her other friends and especially her bingo friends.

    HAHAHA...Jim is so funny but so right. They probably can only hear a third of what they are singing.

  8. So sorry to hear about Aunt Happy. Falling seems to be too common for folks as they get older. It sure was great to visit with you two yesterday. Well, it always is. Take care ... we'll miss you.

  9. Sorry to hear about Aunt Happy, hope all goes well there. And also hope all goes well for Rod too.

  10. So sorry about Aunt Happy. Good luck with the doctor appointments and getting outta here. You don't want to be a desert rat again do you?

  11. I hate to hear the news about Aunt Happy, but we all get to that point if we live long enough. The last time I spoke with one of my aunts I noticed she had long pauses where she was obviously trying to think of the word she wanted to say. It is tremendously sad, to me.

    When I think of the last job in my career, I wouldn't want to see anyone at all I worked with, and don't get any enjoyment out of even thinking about it.

  12. Jim certainly looks the part in the picture. Good wishes for Aunt Happy.

  13. Sorry to hear about Aunt Happy. I always enjoy reading about her. What an awesome lady. I would love Rod's address. My e-mail is Thank you for keeping us updated about him. Sincerely, Lori


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