Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Aunt Happy and Rod Updates and Goodbye to Neighbors

AJ, AZ  High 88  Low 58

It’s been a really quiet week but I wanted to give you an update on Aunt Happy.

She recovered from her fall really well. She’s back to being able to walk with her walker and can get herself up out of the chair or bed. She spent the three weeks or 20 days that Medicare allows and then moved back to her apartment in the Springs. Her niece, Bonnie, came down from Missoula to see what arrangements needed to be made. Happy is going to need more help and someone to stay with her every night.

The biggest issue we face is that dementia is becoming a problem. That means that it is very difficult for Happy to know what she wants to do. I have expressed my opinion, but have no authority. So we will wait and see what happens. The Springs did say that if she falls again she cannot come back to them. She will have to move to a nursing home. We’re hoping that if this happens Good Samaritan will have a place for her because she really liked it there.

Rod is improving and his family is taking really good care of him. He’s had a couple of weeks of chemo and some radiation. Please keep all of them in your prayers.

Jim has been doing some fishing and flying. Well, sort of flying. He couldn’t do this so perfectly if he really tried. Definitely need a new prop.


The weather has been really quite nice but is going to warm up this week.

About the only other thing we’ve done is help load the POD for our neighbors. Gary and Carol sold their park model and are going back to Iowa to be close to their son as they deal with health issues. Ginny had almost everything packed so figuring out how to get it into the POD was the job for the guys.


Amazing how much stuff you can get into one of these PODs. They had their van transported back to Iowa for them and they will be flying out on Wednesday. Sad to see them go as they were fantastic neighbors.


Still quite a few folks in the park but by the end of the first week of May it’s going to be very empty around here.


  1. I would think that Aunt Happy would have been better off if they would have moved her while she was in rehab. Now they'll have to move her again and it will make the dementia worse when they have to move her out.

  2. Dementia is a pretty sad disease, we are dealing with my mother right now and is sad to see them go downhill.
    Thanks for the report on Rod, prayers from here for everybody.

  3. Amazing how much stuff you can get into the back end of a pickup too if you have to!

    Sorry to hear about Aunt Happy not being happy. Life certainly changes for all of us as we get older. Sorry she's dealing with this and you're dealing with it with her. Take care !

  4. Thanks for the updates! Glad Aunt Happy is back in her old surroundings, but sadden to hear about her dementia progressing. I can only image how scared she must feel some times not knowing what is going on. Prayers for her and Rod.
    Guess I better throw in prayers for Jim too. He may need all the help he can get with that airplane...hehe

  5. I am thrilled to learn The Springs is where Aunt Happy is so satisfied as The Springs in Butte is where our daughter wants me to move to if I ever lose Dave. Not expected to happen anytime soon but she enjoys planning ahead which I see as a good thing.

  6. I think dementia is something we all fear greatly. You'd think people who live a life with lots of ativities, friends, interests, etc., wouldn't be likely to get it, but it doesn't seem to work that way.

    Going through my old photos I feel sad sometimes to see how young and vibrant we all were years ago, and now many of those folks are gone, or like me, afraid I'm going to lose my balance someday and have a really bad fall. I hope Aunt Happy finds contentment wherever it is that she goes.

  7. To sad for Aunt Happy, but maybe her move will go well. And thanks for keeping us informed on Aunt Happy and Rod.

    People have started leaving here too but some delayed they're departure when more snow hit the areas where they live

  8. I got quite a belly laugh from that picture of Jim's plane (it hurt a bit!). I guess that is what you call a one point landing? :cD

  9. I hate when those trees and bushes jump out in front of you like that.... ;)

    Thoughts and prayers for Aunt Happy and Rod.

  10. Crikey ..... what a time you are all having. Mum's very sad to hear of dear, dear, Aunt Happy. She watched her Mum go downhill and she was suffering from dementia toward the end. It's just awful. Mum thought my Nan was scared. She was scared because at times she knew what was going on and other times she was just so muddled. It was awful to watch. I do hope Aunt Happy can be looked after well in whatever time she has left.
    Hows Skittlez and Scooter? Has Skittlez forgiven you yet for the tooth extraction thingoe??

  11. It's sad to hear about Aunt Happy's dementia progressing and the problems facing her. Hopefully she will be comfortable in wherever she stays.

    We left our RV park and all our snowbird friends had left ahead of us. It's difficult being the last to leave and saying our goodbyes to everyone.

    We are heading to Camp Verde today for a week or so and try and get out of the heat. Take care and have fun out there.

  12. I would think it's getting awfully hot down there. No wonder people are pulling out Good to hear you guys are doing well.


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