Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I Don’t Know Where the Time Goes

Apache Junction, AZ  High 88  Low 54

It doesn’t feel to me like we are that busy but I have no idea where the days go anymore. We are experiencing record hot days. Makes me a little concerned about how warm it’s going to be in May before we can leave here.

We watched the Super Bowl at Paul’s rig. We were able to sit outside until half time and then we moved inside where it was warmer.  Paul fixed us brats on the grill. Not sure what happened to the Panthers but the Bronco’s defense was pretty impressive.

super bowl

I am sure all of you know that getting together with friends over food is very popular among RVers. One night last week we met up with friends at Sal’s Gilbert Pizza. People always seem to leave me in charge of where to eat so I make sure my cravings are taken care of. Italian sausage sandwich for me.

Rich and Paul


Rod and Paula


On Thursday Jim and Marv finally got to take the boat out for a ride. They really wanted to go fishing but nothing was biting so they enjoyed the boat ride.

Then on Friday we met up with Toni and Doug at City Bistro in Phoenix for lunch. No pictures but it was a great find. And find is the key word because it was difficult to find. It’s in an office building and I really wasn’t sure what to expect. But I had one of the best Philly’s I’ve ever had. In fact, everybody really liked what they ordered. Toni and Doug are slowly making their way north to Canada for their son’s March wedding.

Scooter had another episode Tuesday night so we didn’t get much sleep. Took her to the vet on Wednesday. Whatever these episodes are, they are very strange. Not really seizures because seizures almost always happen when the dog is awake and there is all kinds of movement. Scooter is always asleep, moaning, and absolutely no movement. They took blood and a couple of x-rays. Had to wait until Friday to get the results.

The vet called on Friday and they still don’t have any idea what is causing these episodes. Her blood work came back wonderful as far as kidney function, no valley fever, good liver function. But her heart is not in good shape at all. Her heart is very enlarged and according to the lab it could give out any time.

Our options are to take her to a neurologist for her episodes and a cardiologist for her heart, or continue to give her a wonderful life for as long as we can. The specialists really can’t do much more for her especially at her age and we can’t really afford them. So we are going to love her forever.

I’m documenting all of this mainly for my own memories. We love the vets at Prestige Animal Clinic. They are so compassionate and caring.

We stopped to see Aunt Happy today. She is on a diet. She had a beautiful outfit she wanted to wear for Valentine’s day and had gained too much weight to wear it. So she is only going to have one dessert a day instead of two. Never a dull moment with her around.


  1. Its hard to watch our animals age, but we can be happy that we offered them the best life possible.

  2. Nothing beats good friends and good eats! Hope Scooter is doing better...always hard to deal with our furkids as they age.

  3. Sorry to hear that your little Scooter is having issues. It is hard to know that our little furkids are aging so quickly, they bring us so much joy.

  4. I know exactly what you mean about loving Scooter forever. Our pets are our family too. Age creeps up on them just like on us.

    I like the idea of being in charge where to eat. It's all about us! :)

  5. Sorry to hear about Scooter. Hopefully he will hang in there for a long time.

  6. Keep scooter comfortable and give him a good life is the best you can do.
    Keep cool.

  7. A Phoenix Philly Cheese Steak as the best you've ever had, who'd have thunk it? Don't be telling Philly.

    Poor Scooter, hope she gets better.

  8. Oh no...Aunt Happy is disappointing me. I thought when I got her age I wouldn't have to worry about a diet. I guess it never ends. Hope she has success with her "One dessert a day" diet.

  9. Scooter couldn't be more loved. Enjoy the time you have left with her.

  10. Glad Scooter has such loving people to surround her. I think you are doing the right thing. Love her while you can and cherish the memories.

  11. Sending Scooter lots of hugs from her cousins down here in Mexico.

  12. Hugs to Scooter and you too. All you can do is give lots of love and hope for the best.

  13. So sorry about Scooter... yes, we can love them!!!

  14. Sorry about Scooter, I don't believe in giving them all kinds of meds, I wouldn't take them for myself. As long as she isn't suffering all the love you shower on her is the best meds.

    I had to turn on the a/c tonight this is crazy, next week the temps will jump up and down and then cool off again at least here

  15. Only one desert a day instead of two--I love it!

    And I agree with loving Scooter the best you can as long a you can. That's what I hope for me why wouldn't we want that for her?

  16. That's my kind of diet! Only one dessert instead of two. That's really a shame about poor little Scooter. I know how much you love him.

  17. That's my kind of diet! Only one dessert instead of two. That's really a shame about poor little Scooter. I know how much you love him.

  18. I'm so sorry about Scooter. Brought tears to my eyes. Love her to the moon and back.


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