Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Got My Hamburger Fix

Apache Junction, AZ   High 68  Low 45

Really not anything to blog about in our world. We’ve slipped into the routine of the life here in the park with cribbage and poker and visiting.

Jim did go Jeeping one morning with Marv, Al and Ken and a couple of other guys. He had a good time and said they didn’t do any extreme type of driving. That’s a good thing because his back was kind of sore when he got home.


With all the rain we’ve had, the desert  is really green.


One of the wild horses eating his breakfast.


Yesterday Jim organized our storage shed on our lot. Marv gave him a shelf unit that really helped get things up off the floor.

Today we made the beautiful drive up to Superior.


We haven’t been up there since we got back to this area. And my mouth was watering just thinking about what waited for me. That’s right – we were headed to Porter’s for a hamburger fix.

paulAnd meeting us there was our good friend Paul. He is at an RV Park in Florence for a week before he moves up to Mesa. 

Paul ordered a cheeseburger. I, of course, got my hamburger with fries. Jim decided to try something different this time. He ordered the BLT with a salad. I asked him what he thought of his sandwich and he said it was very good but he would be ordering a hamburger the next time we go up there.

Saturday is Blogger Fest in Quartzsite and Jim and I have decided we’re going to drive over for the day. We’ll be taking the girls with us and we sure hope to see a lot of you there. As soon as George posts the exact location, I’ll also post it here.


  1. We hope to visit Porter's soon too. Did you notice any chicken or turkey burgers on the men

  2. I love a burger once in a while - maybe once every month or two - but I don't want them more often than that.

  3. Jim had a BLT and salad??? Crikey!!! What's with that?? Watching his weight or something. Is there a choice between a hamburger and fries and a BLT and SALAD?????? I don't think so. Bet the girls would've gone for a burger too if they were there. I know would have!!

  4. I mighthave to take a ride there if the burgers are that good. Haven't been to Superior in years. I started going up to Show Low by way of Winkleman and then up to Globe since its faster.

  5. There really is a big difference between hamburgers. Some are okay and some are great.

  6. Glad that you will be able to make it to Bloggerfest, would love to meet you , the more the merrier.

  7. We have never been to Porter's. Next time we are your way, we will have to give it a try.

  8. I was hoping you would tell me where the Blogfest is happening. I've not been to the area except for downtown, so I'll need detailed instructions. I'm driving up for the day as well in my new 'sports car'.

  9. I understand a burger fix as I live with someone who has to have one occasionally and just mentioned it yesterday.

  10. Sorry we'll miss you at Q this year. I'm going to drown my sorrows with a burger. ;c)

  11. Laid back with occasional outings--sounds like perfect retirement to me. Dave just informed me that he has a coupon for a free burger at Red Robin to use by the end of this month so that will be going on our calendar.

  12. We will see you at the Bloggfest. Looking forward to meeting you in person!

  13. Really good burgers at Porters for sure.


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