Friday, May 23, 2014

Wetlands? In the Desert? In the Middle of Las Vegas?

Las Vegas, NV  High 88  Low 71

I was absolutely amazed at the Clark County Wetlands Preserve. Key had discovered this place last year and invited us to go with him.

The Visitor’s Center is brand new – in fact it wasn’t finished when Key was here last year. It is definitely hands on and I had a great time checking everything out.



One really interesting fact I learned is that when the old casinos are imploded, the rubble is used to reinforce the banks of the Las Vegas Wash. It was nice to learn they do recycle.

P1080132We walked around only a very small part of the wetlands. The park is 2,900 acres of water, trails, and trees along the Las Vegas Wash.  It’s home to more than 200 species of birds and 70 species of mammals and reptiles. It features more than 13 miles of trails.

We did the loop around Vern’s Pond. There are beavers and coyotes wandering through these wetlands but we weren’t lucky enough to see any of them.

We did get to see a couple of “wild” animals.


Look at the markings on this bunnies’ face.


At the pond we got to see a few birds. Not being a bird person, someone is going to have to identify them for me.


This beauty came out of the reeds on the other side of the pond. He was fishing but I didn’t succeed in getting a picture of him with his head under water.



I do know that this one is a Mallard.


This is a beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert and if you come to Las Vegas, you really need to spend some time exploring this preserve.


We are staying at the Road Runner RV Park which is where we always stay when we come to town. We fit in one of the shorter sites and it was $16 for the first three nights and then $20 a night. They offer a weekly rate of $89 for the smaller sites.

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  1. That Preserve looks like it would be worth the visit! Strange looking bunny!

  2. I was wondering where the water came from and then you mentioned "oasis".

  3. Its good to know there is something natural in Vegas.

  4. Now that is a refreshing view of Las vegas.

  5. I don't think we have to know the names of all the birds to enjoy them. I love seeing them but I don't know what most of them are either. As much as we've been to Las Vegas too, we know right where you are and what a deal you have there. Enjoy yourself and win BIG.

  6. You always find such interesting places. I'm amazed at the number of times we've been there and we've never know of it.

  7. That preserve is about the only reason I'd go back to Los Vegas. ;)

  8. What a nice little area in the desert and a great way to utilize water that would go to waste.

  9. So that's were all the water behind Hoover Dam leaked off to! ;c)

  10. I like that recycled casino information! outstanding… a side of Vegas I've never seen… for sure.

  11. I recently learned I have a cousin living in Henderson; wonder if she knows about this place?

  12. Adding this to my Pinterest. Hopefully, we get to that area this winter. I would live to vise the wetlands. Looks like a lovely day. Glad you enjoyed the visit.

  13. I had no idea!! Been many years since we were in Vegas so no wonder we missed it! Love the pictures.

  14. We'll have to check that place out the next time we're in Vegas. Very cool. I believe you found an American coot and a great egret.

  15. We would have enjoyed that more than the stupid casinos.

  16. Got lots of quarters for the slots?! We like to just explore the inside main entrance of casinos because they are so colorful and different, more like Disney. Have fun Vegas! We are at Corsegold for the next month. Will NOT go to Yosemite this hoiday weekend! It is already crazy.

  17. Rather then flying thru Las Vegas I will have to put this on my list to see.

  18. As I was reading I was saying to myself, "Who knew?". Then I read the first two comments. I was in Las Vegas at the wrong time, and couldn't wait to get away. Heat, heat, and more heat. Susan likes cities. Jack and I prefer the country. I think he was the only Labrador Retriever in Las Vegas. We even ducked into Caesar's to get out of the heat while we waited for Susan who was taking her time shopping. One time was enough for me.


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