Monday, May 26, 2014

Good Friends and Good Times

Las Vegas, NV  High 98  Low 74

The main reason that we stop in Las Vegas is to be able to visit with our good friends, Steve and Peter. Steve and I have been friends for 46 years. Peter has been fighting a battle with cancer and is winning which is fantastic news for us.


Since we are not big gamblers I am always on the lookout for other things for us to see while we are here. However, there is one experience that I can’t pass up and that is a trip downtown to Fremont Street.

It’s a world that is so foreign to us and yet I love every minute of it. Lots of nearly naked men and women of all ages and sizes. Definitely no pictures. They will pose with you so you can take a picture with your own camera and then they want you to pay them for posing.

Lots of people, looking up taking pictures overhead.


There are all kinds of street acts from dancers to statues to one of the best sax players. Also beggars (mostly wounded vets) and everything in between.

Sidney and Jim took time out to win a fortune – NOT!


There is a zipline but I couldn’t convince Jim to try it out. He didn’t want to ride it in the daylight and by the time it got dark, we were ready to go home. You start out in the middle of this slot machine.


Also, overhead is a huge theater that shows music videos and different scenes to really loud music.


After we rode the High Roller we walked down the Linq to the Flamingo.

Todd – this is a Ford worth owning.


Here’s a camper for that will only cost you $100,000.


The birds at the Flamingo are really pretty.




Sunday we’ll do laundry and watch the NASCAR race and Monday we head north to Alamo.


  1. As in you are heading for the Alamo today? Looks like you two are having a great time, as usual.

  2. I need to spend a little time (not money) in Vegas. Last time we were there for one day, looks like we missed most everything! ;c)

  3. I've only been to Vegas once and definitely Fremont St. was my favourite part.

  4. We had lots of fun down on Fremont Street. They had only just put the zipline in when we were there, they didn't have the "big slot machine" built around it yet. There is definitely lots to do in Vegas even if you don't gamble. Enjoy your time there and visiting with your friends.

  5. Aw, Sidney, the least you could have done is make a little money at Fremont Street! ;-)

  6. Ah, there's nothing like good times with good friends!

  7. A great visit you had. love the sites all over especially Fremont St. Its been quite a few years since we were there.

  8. I'm with you Sandie. There's so many things to see up and down the streets. Why would you go there and sit in front of a machine all day?

  9. Glad you enjoyed your visit to Las Vegas. For years I thought I really wanted to visit Vegas but the desire has passed. If passing near by, I'd stop but doubt I'd make a special trip. Guess I'm just getting old :-).

  10. Paul and I had a fantastic time on Freemont Street. We actually didn't get back to the hotel till 4 am. WOW!

    You are right...the light show is awesome. We were there so long we got to see three different shows. All wonderful.

  11. Hmmm, when we were in Vegas we didn't do Vegas. We did buy a car there, though. Since then I've learned I have a cousin there who makes a good tour guide in case we ever go back.

  12. We need to visit Vegas sometime, in fact we have never spent a night in Nevada while fulltiming.

  13. We've never been to Vegas but Fremont St. sounds most interesting!! Glad you were able to meet up with good friends...that never gets old!!! Safe travels!!!

  14. you have an Eagle on your lap? ha? well ... why not. Well, if you could afford a $100,000 RV ... might want to get two in case one gets dirty.

    a VW camper for $100,000? whoa

    46 years ... and you still keep in touch ~ glad he's winning the battle!

  15. Now we have another reason to visit Vegas. We missed Freemont Street.

    The VW camper is way cute...but what a price tag!

    Safe travels Sandie!


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