Thursday, November 15, 2012

We Actually Left The House Today

Apache Junction, AZ  H 73  L 53


P1000985 Of course, our first stop was at SMIL (Scottsdale Medical Imaging Lab) in Gilbert. This has also become almost like home to us. The lobby was full when we got there. They sure disappeared in a hurry.

P1000984 We were here today for Jim to have x-rays taken for his six month cancer check up. We are scheduled to see his oncologist next Tuesday. Took about an hour and 15 minutes and we were out of there.

Time for lunch so we headed over to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. Love that place and salad is good for Jim’s blood sugar levels. I splurged and had a chocolate muffin along with my salad. It was sooo good.

After lunch we stopped in to check on Aunt Happy. We had to schedule our visit between her exercise class in the morning and the horse races in the afternoon. (Wooden horses and rolling dice.) She is doing pretty good but is slowing down a little bit.

Because Jim’s surgery is on the day before Thanksgiving we told her that we would have to cancel taking her out for Thanksgiving dinner. Jim and I think she was relieved that we weren’t going out. I suggested we go the following week but she said no, maybe for Christmas.


We had a fun visit and then she had to get upstairs early so she could be sure to get the horse she wanted and a good seat to see the race.

P1000982 Thought that was the end of our excitement for the day and headed home to take care of the girls. Skittlez is finally doing much better. Still not 100% but actually played with Scooter a little bit and wanted to chase her toy. We took her off her pain medication a couple of days ago and she’s not near as dopey.

Got a phone call. Answered the phone and this voice said, check your text messages and let’s get this back to normal. Hung up and checked my text messages – sure enough it was Jeri. We very seldom talk on the phone. She’s much faster at texting and for some reason I hadn’t heard her text come through.

They are back in Phoenix and we headed out to meet up with her and Terry for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. So good to see them again. We originally met them in Florida in 2009 and have been friends ever since.


 Looking forward to more good times while you’re here guys.


  1. Glad to hear Skittlez is doing so much better. We're going to hope to hear that same report about Jim in a few days!!

  2. Glad to hear Skittelz is coming along. Chasing a toy is always a great sign. Do you have some toys lined up for Jim to chase around when he returns from the hospital:))

  3. You were a busy little girl yesterday and even getting a chance to post a blog! Good to see you both. I know over the next few weeks we'll see plenty of each other. You both looked great and it was certainly fun catching up..... stay tuned as more to come.

  4. You two go from one exciting adventure to another.
    Even though my dad is only 86, Aunt Happy reminds me of him. It seems the older he gets the more he is just content to do is routine activities and nothing more. Not surprised that Aunt Happy said no to your eating-out invitation. My dad would rather eat at home than go out. I guess we have all this to look forward to.

  5. what a nice day out, you had even if part of it was spent sitting in an x-ray office!..hey I have to spend 8 hours a day in one!

  6. Good thing you had salads for lunch so you'd have room for all that steak! :)

  7. Glad Skittlez is feeling better. Man o man, it's miserable when we can't run and play like we're supposed to. You be careful, though, Skit--don't go too crazy. Doncha just hate the pills that make ya feel dopey?- Jack

  8. Sounds like good things are happening all around. Of course it is hard to hang with Jeri and not see a camera in her hands...or yours either! ;c)

  9. Nice to see you had a nice time out with friends. Good to hear Scooter is doing better also.

  10. My Gawd! That woman changed her top AGAIN. So glad you could get out with them.

    Tell Aunt Happy to hang on, we want to meet her. We are planning a day trip to visit you and the dancing place and her.

  11. Aunt Happy looks amazing ! That THELMA doesn't stay in one place for long - I thought they were still in Q ! LOL
    Tell her to take Jim out for a spin in the JAG. That will cheer him up.

  12. Skittles and Jim...if Skittles if feeling better then Jim is next! Praying

  13. Glad to hear Skittlez is feeling better. I hope Jim will be playing ball as well in a few days.

    Am I missing something? She called you to tell you to read your text? maybe I'm just old

  14. Good news about skittlez, hope Jim gets a good report and has a successful surgery.

  15. So happy Skittlez is better boy they can sure worry you can't they? Now here is hoping Jim gets great news then your family will be able to rest up and relax some. I love the name of the restaurant you ate at...very original!

  16. Glad to hear things are going forward for Jim's surgery. Sometimes the waiting is the hardest. We have now moved to Mesa South Imperial Dam LTVA and are loving it. It is always nice to get tips from other RV'er as we are so new at this game. Ray and Deb


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