Thursday, February 9, 2012


IMG_4032 Our special friends, Judy and Gary, flew in from Billings, MT to spend some time with their family. But we got to have them to ourselves for dinner on Thursday night and also Friday morning before we headed back to Quartzsite. (I just realized we didn’t get a picture of Gary.)

IMG_4036 Friday morning we took them for a drive up to Tortilla Flats which is one of the prettiest drives around here. You can continue on past Tortilla Flats but the road is not paved and is not for the faint of heart. We turned around and came back the same way we went up.



Interesting rock formations.

Such beautiful country and Canyon Lake is just gorgeous. Wish we could have had more time.


IMG_4052 Saw this interesting RV in the campground at Tortilla Flats.

What a wonderful way to spend a winter morning in the Arizona desert.

JIM UPDATE: He is still in rehab and is bored to death. He will see the surgeon on Monday and hopefully the doc will say “go home”. He is doing the stairs easily and can dress himself (sure sounds funny to write that) and is allowed to walk around his room without his walker. We think he’s ready to come home but we have to wait. Maybe that will be my Valentine’s Day present.


  1. Blessings to you and Jim, my friend! So glad all is going well and you are in such a beautiful place!

  2. Hospitals no matter how nice, get old fast so I hope he gets to come home after the doc sees him. So glad he is progressing quickly!

  3. I can commiserate with Jim about hospitals. I hope I never have reason to be admitted to one again, and hope he gets home soon.

  4. We have both those places listed as must see when we get there.
    I surely hope Jim does get to come home. So glad he is doing so well.

  5. Glad to hear Jim is getting better, Hide the pancake turner or he will be chasing you around the kitchen with it like I do Donna.I feel the same way as Gypsy about hospitals, When I go out of this world I prefer it be by a direct route. be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  6. Very good news about Jim! It looks like he's having a speedy recovery. :)

    Don't let him get too busy when he gets home. It's so hard to rest, but our bodies need it, for sure, after surgery.

    I'll bet you can't wait to have him home, Scooter and Skittlez probably wonder what the heck's going on and where their dad is.

  7. If Jim gets to come by Valentine's Day, that would be a sweet treat, indeed!

  8. If he is bored, he's ready to go home and start living again! So happy for both of you.

  9. What a great valentine present it would be to get your valentine home!

  10. Good to hear Jim is recuperating so well! Just one word of caution: make sure the team at the rehab center agree with the surgeon's decision - I saw way too many readmissions due to early discharge home... if they recommend a couple more days, it will be so worth it in the end... hang in there!

  11. Bored is a good thing when you're in medical care. Bored means you've passed the summit and are ready to resume life. Valentine is perfect timing. Hearts and roses to you both.

  12. Oh, so glad you'll have your "valentine" home, soon. Glad he's well enough to be "bored".

    You have a lot of friends on the road--such a nice life, the two of you.

    I loved the story about the tribe! My goodness, where do they all sleep?

    I'll have to go back and get the URL for their blog, but to be honest, I have a difficult time keeping up with the ones I'm subscribed to! If I'm away a day, fawgedaboudit...LOL

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  14. Best wishes to get Jim out of the facility! Perhaps you can just go and steal him for Valentines day......

  15. Wow, such beauty! Thanks for sharing it.

  16. glad to hear Jim is doing well!
    we saw that RV when we did the Apache Trail too.
    now we're freezing up north.

  17. "Saw this interesting RV in the campground at Tortilla Flats."

    These people are from Germany and have "popped up" here at the Hot Springs several times in the past. It is a M.A.N 4WD, often used for expeditions in Africa. We spoke to one of the owners last year.

    Wishing Jim all the best for his recovery!


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