Tuesday, November 3, 2009


You are probably going to have to enlarge these pictures to see our neighbor - Mr. Alligator. He really can move fast in the water and never did come onto land. At least not when I was watching. He did open his mouth once but I was too slow with the camera to capture that moment.


  1. OMG It really is an alligator!

    So are you going to quit RVing soon? Seems like you are moving at WARP speed so you will have seen everything pretty soon!!!

    Don't know if we will get to Okeechobee or not - but if we do we will stop by and see you....unless you are in Oregon or somewhere by then, ha ha.

  2. We saw so many alligators last May when we were in Florida. They are really scary looking. Have fun with Wally-Gator!!

  3. I prefer the birds myself!! LOL

    Is this fellow camping near you?


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