Friday, November 20, 2009


We took an airboat ride through the swamp at Billie Swamp Safari. I would highly recommend you take this tour if you're in the area.

I also took a picture of Jim by a Swamp Buggy but we opted for the airboat rather than the buggy.

They have also brought in some animals from elsewhere to give it more of a safari feeling so we also got to see a water buffalo. ( you need to open the picture to see it)

But, of course, the main draw is the alligators. I love the way they just drape themselves over the logs. Our guide told us they only eat about 40 times a year because they have such a slow metabolism. I also learned that the stuff (plates, skin, whatever it is) works like a solar panel because alligators need sun to survive. However, if they get too hot they just open their mouths and release the hot air. (Does that sound like anybody you might know?)

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