Saturday, January 24, 2009


Believe it or not this is the Welcome to Utah sign. I missed the Idaho one completely and might as well as missed this one. Picture taking is one of those many things I need a lot of practice with.

Made it to Kaysville, UT. Stopped at Dave Jensen's RV which contains a Camping World shop. They have free full hook ups so we decided to spend the night and I'm sure glad we did. We had no heat. It was soooo cold - thank goodness for electric blankets. I sure didn't want to get out from under it this morning. But the service guy was a great sport. He didn't make us unhook - he just came out to the fiver and discovered a loose wire under the fridge. HEAT - wonderful heat. So in appreciation Jim just had to buy a converter and a battery filler and pump. It has been raining all night and all day. So Jim got soaked getting us ready for departure. I'm still not able to walk or stand for very long so I'm pretty worthless.

Left Kaysville about 2:00 in the pouring rain. Finally got out of the rain near Fillmore, UT. And then our next adventure awaited us. We ran out of gas - yup - out of gas. But what was so funny is that we were only 1/2 mile from the Fillmore exit. I just cracked up. But Jim was prepared and had a five gallon gas can full of gas. It just seemed fitting that we call it a night here in Fillmore. Staying at the Wagons West RV park. The couple next door are from Idaho and are headed for California.

Wonder what adventures await us tomorrow. I can hardly wait to experience them. This is so much fun.

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