Monday, April 15, 2024

Where Did It Go?

 AJ, AZ   High's upper 90s and lows in the upper 60s

It is the middle of April already and I have no idea where it all went. Our park is really getting empty. I still have neighbors until May 10th and depending on health issues, another neighbor here until June. Ginny and Mickey are leaving the 25th. But Carol and Melva will still be here to keep me from doing stupid things.

My neighbors cactus. The blooms only last one day so this picture shows the one bloom and the new one that will open the next day as the other one dies.


One Saturday Wendy and I did a service project with the Psychology Dept of Mesa Community College. The Children's Home in Mesa is called Sunshine Acres and the college kids put on a hamburger and hot dog cookout for them. Along with food there was face painting, puzzles, egg decorating, corn hole, and beading. We pitched in wherever we were needed. 

Those of you who have followed my blog forever, will remember my Aunt Happy (who had lots of money). Sunshine Acres was one of her very favorite charities. She was a retired school teacher but never had children of her home so she donated to Sunshine Acres. A very worthy cause.

I am responsible for collecting money and food for our local food bank from our park. We have the most incredible people here in the park. They just give and give and keep on giving.  For the month of March, the food bank was asking for pasta. So I put out a plea for any kind of pasta that anyone wanted to donate. I ended up taking three car loads of pasta to the food bank. I had pasta in the passenger seat, the back seat and a full trunk. It was so amazing. We also collect plastic bags and egg cartons for the food bank. Things they use in order to distribute the food to those who need it. 

 Ginny's rainbow picture

We have had some gorgeous weather but this week we will be heading towards that 100 degree mark. I think I'm ready but probably not. I'm posting some awesome pictures which I did not take. Wendy took most of these pictures (she is so good) and Ginny caught the rainbow picture.

 Wendy took this one from a friend's house. Isn't it gorgeous?

These pictures were taken after a rainstorm.

Almost all of the activities in the park have ended for the season. I still can't believe the months have gone by so fast. 

Paul came up today to replace the anode rod in my hot water heater. (He will be heading north sometime the first part of May.) As per usual, things did not go smoothly. It has been determined that I need a new tank. So I will get a couple of estimates to get the work done and cry while I'm having it done. But it's really my own fault. After Jim died I just let things like that just fade away into the background and didn't think about them. My trailer is 7 years old and it needs maintenance. 

I took this picture one morning as the sun was coming up.

This is a sunset picture that I took.

Paul went to the Cayman Islands for a week with his family for a relaxing time on the beach. He also went swimming with the sting rays. Jim and I swam with the dolphins but I'm not sure I'd want to spend much time with a sting ray.

 Now for the fun stuff - I am starting to plan my trip north to Montana. I still have good old Daisy (my 2008 Kia Rio) and I'll take her to John's Auto to have her completely checked out to make sure she is ready to make that trip. I'm trying to find some new places to check out that won't strain her too much. I'll let you know more when I figure it out. I don't have any idea when I'm heading out yet either.

Of course, I must end with pictures of my favorite grandson. A day at the park.

Kisses for Mom



  1. LOL at the kid pics and I like the shot of the blue sky over the mountains. I'm always amazed that so many folks live year round in the AZ heat but it may be no worse than our heat and humidity combo. Good idea to get the car all checked out.

  2. Great, I hope Ohio is a destination for you. We'd love to have you come stay with us for awhile.

  3. Great pictures as always.
    That was a lot of Pasta, but it filled many hungry tummies.
    The little ones grow so fast.
    With proper maintenance and a confident driver, your car still has a lot of years left in it.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Montana.

    It's about time.


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