Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Winter Time in Arizona

 Apache Junction   High 82  Low 55

It's been a long time since I last posted. Life has been continuing very nicely because I haven't had any disasters to report. It's been a peaceful time of enjoying our winter weather, lunches with good friends, running errands and living life. 

But I do have some pictures I want to post. Our sunsets and sunrises have been incredible this year. 



Our park has a band and I went to listen to them one Saturday. These guys are really good and they love what they do. We really have a great park.

And there was some dancing.

The poppies are in bloom. I love to see everything turning green and blooming but my allergies are not happy. 

These poppies grow next to our pool. I just wish they lasted longer.

My brother and his daughter who just completed basic training.

And now for the important pictures. 😇

First Build A Bear experience.



Visiting with the Easter Bunny

Elias and cousins


I had an amazing experience the other day. I was headed into the post office and I smile and say hi to people that I meet up with. I smiled at a lady coming out of the post office and she smiled back. Then you told me I had a beautiful smile. That just made my whole day wonderful. 

So take time to smile at strangers. Tell someone how much you love them. Thank your Father in heaven for the life you have. Have a beautiful day.


  1. Sorry about the allergies, but I just enjoy seeing the colours in the desert.
    Elias is really growing.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Wow... i get to comment, maybe i did something right??
    I am so sorry i did not get to see you, i was right there, for some reason i thought you were in the Benson area.. and i did not have a way to get in touch with you.. I do hope to be back there, it was fun to visit my friends and do community things with them.. Beautiful sunsets and growing baby!!!

  3. He sure is a cutie. Nice you've had an uneventful winter.

  4. An uneventful, peaceful winter is just the ticket! Love your photos, especially the poppies--ours are blooming but not that gloriously!

  5. Time goes by way to fast. Beautiful sunsets, lovely poppies and best of all a very cute grandbaby.

  6. Beautiful photos of the sunsets and rainbows. Elias gets cuter by the moment. Glad you had a calm winter, it's a gift.


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