Monday, August 7, 2023

I'm Blobbing

 August in AJ, AZ   HOT HOT HOT - 

I'm sure most of you have seen Phoenix on the National News for the fact that we have had 31 days in a row of 110 degrees or above (most of them above). We had a three day break where the highs were under 110 but we're going right back up again. As long as the power grid keeps working, we are doing just fine here in the park. We definitely don't go out much but we do get out for dinner once in awhile.

A few sky pictures. 

A desert plant that is loving the heat.

It has been so long since I last posted that I'm not even sure what to blog about. First an update on my ankle.

I am free from the brace and I do not have to see the surgeon again. I also finished my physical therapy. I still have to be really careful of that ankle for at least another six months. If it gets tired, I put the brace on for a day or so to help it out. 

I am still planning on going to Montana to see my family. But I'm not sure when I'm going to head out. My car is old and this heat is brutal. I'll let you know when I figure it out.

Jim's granddaughter, Katie, got married on July 1. Her Dad, David, is Jim's second oldest son. She is a beautiful bride. Takes after her Mom, Kelly. Sorry David. lol  Under all of David's hair and beard, he looks just like Jim. 

Todd is still really involved with his remote control cars. I'm glad he enjoys them rather than driving race cars. Much easier on a mother's nerves. 

I have a ton of pictures of Elias but I'm only going to share a few. He turned 6 months on August 3. I really need to get up there to meet him.  

First Tooth

Hope I'm not infringing on copyright laws but this Peanuts cartoon hits the nail on the head for my summer.

Hope everyone is having a good summer in spite of the weather all across the country.



  1. This year, we've only experienced a few hot days near the Century Mark. I figured that I would keep the fact we continue to get Rain a few times every week, which I'm certain you would appreciate.
    Be Safe and hopefully you can Enjoy some visiting.

    It's about time.

  2. I could not stand those temps and used to think you could go to MT and be cool but it no longer seems to be so except on a mountain top.

  3. Yes, you do need to get to Montana to not only see that precious little boy but to also escape that heat. It's good to hear your ankle is recovering!

  4. Finally you are done with that darn ankle. About time. Now bee sure to do everything the doctor told you to. Last thing you need is to have to start all over. Beautiful bride. I do believe that your next priority should be to high tail it to visit Elias and the rest of the family. I can't recall where in Montana that you need to to get to. but I looked up some airfares and the prices are very inexpensive. I am happy to look things up for you if you want to send me point A to point B. Personally after all you have been thru the past several months I don't think that you should drive. It will be much easier on your body to fly plus someone will push you in a wheelchair onto the plane and back off again. Happy to help you figure it out. Meanwhile start packing your suitcase. Hugs! Contessa

  5. hahahaha from one 'blob' to another, that is a darling little boy!!!

  6. You have been missed. I hope you will obey orders. Your family is beautiful! I hope you get out to Montana to see your family. Get a new car, breaking on the freeway is pretty nasty.


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