Monday, February 14, 2022

I Am Filled With Gratitude

AJ AZ.   high  80. Low 48

I am so very blessed to have people who care so much for Jim and I. I am surrounded by love even from those I've never met. It's amazing how true friendships grow through our blogs. 

Our neighbors here in the park have been so supportive. All I have to do is ask and it's done. I am so grateful I live in this community that is a family. And the church members have been amazing. They have helped me plan everything. I truly am blessed.

I am having a memorial service for Jim on February 26th at 11:00 a.m.  It will be held at the LDS Church  454 North Crismon Road in Mesa, AZ. If you are in the area, I would love to have you join us.

I know some people have asked about sending flowers but I would prefer that you make a donation to your favorite charity in Jim's name. 

And speaking of his name, most of you don't know what it is. He didn't care for his first name so he always went by Jim. 

"Harry James Dixon, Jr".  

It wasn't until we got married that I learned his first name was really Harry.

 I sure do miss him. The house seems so empty and its sooo quiet. Thank you again for all your kind, wonderful words.




  1. We will miss him too. Much love.

  2. JV and I send our love and prayers for comfort ♥️

  3. It will take time to carry on by yourself but it will happen. Not being a couple is the hardest thing to deal with. (Kathy and I have both been there.)

    It's about time.

  4. It warms my heart to know that you have such wonderful neighbors and the church to be there for you. Continued prayers for strength Sandie.

  5. I feel so much better know that you are not alone. Real hugs are so very important. Harry James Dixon, Jr. sounds so very posh. You and Jim have had so many wonderful years together and with all your doxies that you have given such a perfect home to you will memory after memory popping into your heart. Wish I could hug you in person, each time I hug our girls I think of you and Jim.

  6. Like Contessa said this entry made me feel much better. Having family, friends and the church to support you gladdens our hearts since we are so far away from you now. Two big virtual hugs from us!

  7. I'm glad to hear you have so much nearby support. Hugs and prayers to get you through the difficult days ahead.

  8. Sandie, I am so sorry to hear of Jim's passing. You are in my thoughts and I pray that you find peace, and know that Jim is certainly. at peace

  9. So sorry to read that Jim has passed away. You will continue to be in our prayers and thoughts and we hope you find comfort knowing he is at peace.
    How wonderful to have caring neighbors that are there to help you during this time. It sounds like a wonderful community. Hugs

  10. I'm glad you are surrounded with people who care and will help. I wish I had words that could ease your pain.


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