Friday, September 10, 2021

2021 Summer Reflections

Canyon Ferry.  High  90. Low 58

Our summer at Canyon Ferry has come to an end. The boat has been tucked away at my brother-in-law's place and its time for us to move on. 

Reflecting back on this summer it has been smoke, wind, and fire. Definitely not what we were looking forward to. 

The fishing 🎣, when Jim was able to go out, was lousy. The water level dropped and continued dropping the two months we were there.  With the extreme heat, the fish went into hiding so they wouldn't be boiled. There were many days when the smoke was so bad Jim couldn't breathe if he went outside. Then there was the relentless wind. 

We were lucky that there weren't fires too close to us. There was one across the lake and we could see the smoke billowing over the top of the mountain. 

To top things off, Jim hurt his back and neck so that stopped the fishing for a couple of weeks.  Needless to say, our freezer is not full of walleye this year.

We did get to spend some time with my sister and hubby which was special. We also got to celebrate our birthdays since we are both July babies.


We were at their house to store the boat, and I was in the house visiting with my sister. when I happened to look up and saw these three bucks in her yard enjoying her apple tree.

Then this guy stopped and looked right at me through the window.


And our good friends, Ginny and Mickey, spent two wonderful weeks with us. Fun times.

The journey north gave us a chance to visit friends and explore a new "country". But the wind was not gentle breezes. We had some beautiful sunrises and sunsets as well as clouds.


Townsend has three beautiful murals painted by a young artist, Sophie Mathis.


So ends our summer at Canyon Ferry.  We will spend a week in Billings visiting our son and daughter-in-law. And then will begin the trek back to Arizona. 


  1. You took some great pictures, the murals are gorgeous and the twisted cloud shot is really cool.
    I don't think many of us enjoyed this summer weather. We are once again at 105 degrese but the humidity isn't to bad anymore. Maybe by time you get back it will be much nicer.
    Safe travels

  2. Life continues to be odd but we all do what we can to enjoy it anyway.

  3. Those deers are a hoot. It seems like it has been a poor summer for fishing and summer sports everywhere but sounds like it was fun anyway.

  4. Nice summary and too bad it wasn't as good as it could have been especially as related to the smoke and heat. Hopefully winter will be better.

  5. The smoke and heat “up north” has been relentless along with hotter than normal temps. But it sounds like you made the best of it all, especially spending time with family and friends!

  6. It has been a tough summer in Montana--the heat, the drought, the smoke. Mike is chomping at the bit to get out of here.

  7. This past summer was bad in so many ways and places. Oddly enough, Tucson had virtually no smoke, but it was really hot. Sorry you had smoke and high wind. We have decamped to Spokane, now we will embrace winter and buy new shoes.

  8. What? Summer is over already? Boy was I asleep at the wheel! ;c)


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