Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Blogger Fest 2020

The very first Blogger Fest was held in 2015 on Plamosa Road in Quartzsite, AZ. We had over 50 bloggers and friends attend. You can read my post about it here: https://wherearethedixonstoday.blogspot.com/2015/01/blogger-fest-2015.html

Jim and I haven't camped in Q for a few years now and I blog so seldom, I had no plans to attend this year. But Paula asked me if I would drive over with her Saturday morning and then come back to AJ that afternoon. I said that would be fun and so Saturday morning off we went. 

We got there early enough that we were able to visit with some of Paula's friends camped at La Posa South and grab some lunch at Carl's Jr in town. A word of advice - do not try to order just a plain chicken sandwich there. They don't know how to handle that. All I wanted was a piece of chicken, some lettuce and a bun. No mayo, no cheese, no sauce, no tomatoes nothing. Took two people to take my order and what I ended up with was a whole bunch of lettuce and a piece of BBQ chicken. No bun. Guess I didn't need that bun after all.

Paula and I weren't sure if anybody was actually going to show up at Blogger Fest but Doug (https://missadventuretravels.blogspot.com) had said he would be joining us with Yuma. He also invited friends of his and we ended up with 11 people and three dogs. I really do like having a smaller group because it's so much easier to get to know people. I didn't know most of the people so I asked everybody to introduce themselves. That really helped me to put names and faces and blogs together. Thanks everybody. 

I took a couple of pictures which sort of turned out. In this one of Doug and Yuma, I missed most of Yuma. 

No, John is not asleep. I'm just really lousy at taking pictures. John and Brenda blog at http://johnbrendasincredibleadventure.blogspot.com

In this next picture we have Deb, Bill, and Ken. Ken and Kim's blog is found at https://journeywithkenandkim.home.blog 
Bill's blog is http://clembillpat.blogspot.com 
Deb and Tom's blog is http://tdcelebratingthedance.blogspot.com/

My last picture is of Patsy, Kim, and Tom

Patsy's blog is http://patsyischillin.blogspot.com/

Forgot to get a picture of Paula but you can check her out at http://shadowmoss.blogspot.com/

We reminisced about George and Suzie of our awesome travels at https://geosuzie.blogspot.com and the impact they had on our lives. They are truly missed. Some of us also knew Retired Rod and we got to talking about his Roomba post. One of the funniest posts ever. Check it out here http://retiredrod.blogspot.com/2014/03/roomba.html

I had a good time meeting some new people and I want to thank them all for coming to Blogger Fest. Hopefully we'll see you again next year.

Paula and I headed back to AJ and both of us were pretty exhausted by the time we got home. We'll probably do it again next year.


  1. Joe and I were at the very first blog fest. Wonderful memories.

  2. Wow, didn't even know there was a bloggerfest this year or we may have made the trek up from Mesa just to go to it... I do remember the first one and of course George and Rod as well... Cheers!

  3. Sorry we didn't make it to Quartzsite this year. Hopefully we'll be back next winter.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. For some reason I just can't seem to get myself to go out there. The group sure has gotten small. Glad you you made it Sandie

  5. I've never been to a Bloggerfest. Sounds like so much fun but I'm with you. Give me a handful of people at a time.

  6. Sounds like a good time. It's good to exchange info and ideas.

    Some of my fellow pilot bloggers are getting together, unfortunately my schedule doesn't match up. Maybe next year.

  7. I would love to attend such a gathering of like-minded folk, but my traveling days are over. Thanks for posting about it and sharing.

  8. Good deal that you two drove over! I've never been to it.

  9. It may have been a smaller gathering but like you mentioned it is nice to get to actually talk to everyone vs. "speed dating". Thank you for being part of the start of this. Tom and I are glad we got to meet you.

  10. Thank you for this post. It makes me look forward to next year when we (hopefully) will be in the middle of this again.


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