Thursday, February 15, 2018


AJ, AZ   High 71  Low 52 – finally, maybe, hopefully, we are going to get some rain this week.

For Christmas Jim and I decided to do our Ancestry DNA just for fun. We ordered our kits, did our spitting, and sent it off. Last week we finally got the results.


This is my breakdown. Not really any surprises in my background. My maiden name is Mercer which is a British textile worker. And I guess I get my bullheadedness from my Scottish ancestors and that just has to be from my mother’s side of the family. lol

Great Britain 66%

Ireland/Scotland/Wales 16%

Europe West 5%

Scandinavia 4%

Caucasus 4%

Europe East 3%

Iberian Peninsula 1%

Finland/Northwest Russia < 1%


Dixon is definitely a British name but I found Jim’s info more surprising than mine. I had no idea he has Scandinavian ancestors and looking at his DNA page, it shows the 1% Asia South is mainly from India.

Great Britain 88%

Scandinavia 9%

Ireland/Scotland/Wales 1%

Asia South 1%

Now that we have this information I have no idea what we are going to do with it. Doing genealogy is a burning desire in some people, but definitely not in me. I have built a couple of family trees in Family Search operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. However those trees only go back a few generations.

It was fun to see our results.

AZ Sunset



  1. We are going to do it too. At one point I had made our family tree back to the 1700's on the Latter Day's site and then "poof" it was gone. Maybe I should try to find it

  2. The DNA thing is not as cut and dry as people think. Lots of funny goings on, and foreign invaders added un-expectantly to the mix.

  3. As long as I knew who my parents were was fine with me though Kathy is starting to wonder about her ancestry.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I've wanted to do the DNA test for a long time. But, like you said, what do you do with it if you are not really interested in chasing down your ancestors.

  5. I asked my Dad once what our ancestry was and he said, "Heinz 57." I wonder if I'd really get 57 entries in my DNA test?

  6. Our daughter got her husband a kit for Christmas. He found out that he his ancestry goes back to North Africa...Egypt. Boy was he surprised. Paul wants this for his birthday or Christmas.
    Beautiful sunset photo.

  7. That is very interesting!! I think we might just do our ancestry!!

  8. Interesting to see the history, thanks for sharing. Love the sunset picture...that big bright thing in the sky needs to shine here in the mid-atlantic. ;)

    The whole ancestry chase has always been an interest of mine, maybe I'll finally get to it.

  9. Wow you both are Limeys. Maybe that's why you like fish that Jim catches. I guess you have to supply the chips to go along with Jim's catches! ;c)

  10. At least you enjoyed finding out about who you are. we did a family tree but it really didn't go to far lol

  11. I am waiting for my Ancestry DNA to be completed. I did the 23 and me also since most of my cousins on my mothers side did this. I just recently found out my cousins on my fathers side did the Ancestry DNA so I did this one also.

  12. Now download that DNA result and upload to Gedmatch. You can do it for free. It'll give you a whole new mix. Then, upload it to FTDNA and you'll see more changes. It's interesting with little changes depending on who is doing the processing.


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