Saturday, December 23, 2017

December Happenings

AJ, AZ   High 58  Low 33

We were able to meet up with some Escapees Class of 2008-2009 members at Benihana for a Christmas get together. So much fun. The restaurant had a hard time getting us seated but once that was out of the way, we really enjoyed the show and the food. It’s been probably 40 years or more since I went to Benihana and I’m sure glad Jeri suggested it.

Jeri brought lights for all the guys to wear and had fun turning them on.

Toni and Doug, Jeri and Terry, Janice and Jerry, and us


Jim and I both ordered steak which is served with mushrooms, onions, and rice. Sooo good. Our Chef was very entertaining.

This is the onion volcano.



Jim also went jeeping one day with a bunch of guys. He got some great pictures but I don’t think he’ll be doing that again. All that rocking back and forth hurt his back and his neck. Other than that he did have a good time.




One of our neighbors here in the park, Jeanne, took this fantastic sunrise picture and I wanted to share it with you.


We’ve gotten tons of goodies from the fantastic cooks here in the park and have enjoyed them in front of our fireplace. It’s been cold (for us) the last few days but next week’s weather looks about perfect.

RJ got a new sweater. Skittlez claims the fireplace as hers.



  1. Those chefs are talented and fun. My last time at Benihanas they charged 13.50 for a glass of wine...kinda turned me off, but the food is good.

  2. Sounds like everything is super with y'all.
    Wishing you a very blessed Christmas day!

  3. Yeah, we sure had fun. The food was great too. Can't wait for the next gathering.

  4. Now let me get this straight. Did Jeri have fun turning on the lights or turning on the guys? :cD

  5. Nice gathering of friends and love those lights the guys got to wear.

    Nice sweater for RJ, it has been so cold here too and Fred has been wearing his sweater on his first outs.
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Actually, it was the other "Jerry" who suggested Benihana's and I think we were all glad he did. It was great fun and so nice to see everyone. Love the new Christmas sweater for RJ. With the Arizona cold weather, it might have lots of use even after Christmas.

  7. How neat that you all were able to get together with some members of the class of 2008-2009. We were in that class ( our first time full-timing)!!
    Merry Christmas!!!


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