Saturday, May 6, 2017

Jim is Amazing

AJ, AZ   High 103  Low 72

We are still in Apache Junction where it has definitely warmed up. Our high yesterday was 105. The RV park is really getting empty. There are a few folks left but more leaving every week. Ginny and Mickey are here because of doctor appts until after Memorial Day so we have company here on the back row because we won’t be leaving til after Memorial Day either.

This has been a very sad year here in our RV park. We have had four of our friends die and at least two more are in the hospital with serious problems. I know we are getting to that age when death comes more often, but that doesn’t make it any easier to accept.

We have been beyond busy but the reason for that will be in another post. In between all the busyness we have lots of doctor appointments. Appointments for Jim, Rocky Joe, and me.

RJ’s second surgery on his mouth was a success and he is now our toothless wonder dog with no holes in his mouth. He is 100% Jim’s dog. He tolerates me if he has no other choice but if Jim is anywhere around, I get deserted. We think the barking is getting a little better but we’ll know more when we try to do some sightseeing on our way north.

I established a primary care doctor down here and she decided to do some blood work. I’ve now seen a kidney doctor and a urologist. I like the urologist but I am not at all impressed with the kidney doc. So I will continue to drink lots of water which is what he told me to do and worry about finding a different doctor when we get back. I still have one more appointment with the urologist.

Jim is the amazing one. At least that is what all his doctors keep telling him. He is now in REMISSION from his lung cancer. It has been five years since his surgery and he only needs to be checked once a year. That is about the best feeling ever.

I’m also glad we’re done with the oncologist. They were bought out by another cancer group and even though Jim has been going there for five years, they wanted all of this paperwork filled out. I don’t understand why they couldn’t just transfer his information but I was willing to fill some of it out. But they went crazy – they put a wrist band on him like they do in the hospital. Then half the paperwork was dealing with being admitted to the hospital and they wanted his signature on everything. We were not going to the hospital, we were going to spend five minutes being told everything was great. I think the final straw for me was the fact that they wanted to know who our mobile phone carrier is. At that point, I told Jim we were done with paperwork and he was not going to sign all of that stuff. So he took it back to the desk on our way out and said see ya. Just ridiculous.

His pulmonologist and his cardiologist both said his blood work is fabulous and his breathing is really good considering he is minus half of his left lung. His internist is amazed at his great blood sugar levels. So he is done with his doctor appointments and good to go.

Skittlez needs a quick visit with her doctor and they both need nails trimmed.  We’re slowly getting things ready.

Need bearings packed and tires and axles checked on the Bungalow. Truck got an oil change and tires rotated. It’s really hard to remember all the things that need to be done when you’ve been in one spot for so many months.

Look at what my dear friend Jeri made for me. I love it.

skittlez purse

We are still having some beautiful sunsets.


Until next time – safe travels and great adventures.


  1. Sometimes we have to remind doctors that they work for us not us for them.

  2. So great that Jim is doing well and things are coming together. Hope is all works out and you get heading north soon to cooler temps.

  3. Sounds like the two of you are all systems GO!! :) Glad to hear the good results.

    Doesn't it seem so different in the rv park when it is all emptied out? Our park was like a ghost town before we left - almost two weeks ago now! Time sure does fly!

  4. Great to here the good news on Jim. Safe travels!

  5. Who is your carrier? That is ridiculous!

  6. Jim is indeed amazing, and I'm glad his health is good as well. The carrier question may actually have a valid reason. Some alert or message systems are carrier based. A long shot.

  7. Maybe one day if I'm lucky, my wife will write a blog post titled "Kevin is Amazing"

  8. Great new on Jim now for you to let us know you are good to go too. Of course the pups count and it sounds like they are doing fine. Yes the heat sure moved in on us of course we were a little cooler than you by on degree. Yea big deal I know.

  9. I've become very grumpy in doctor's office of late with all the dang paperwork they want you to complete time after time! It's time for you folks to go north!

  10. So glad you guys are well and great news about Jim. Safe travels!

  11. Love the title.
    105!!! We will take 70
    Yipeeeeee for Rocky Joe! Glad he is coping well.
    Hope all is well with your kidneys!

    So happy prayers are working again. Way to go Jim! What the heck does the cell phone carrier have to do with Jim having lung cancer? They are nuts!

    If we didn't know Jim, we would never know anything was ever wrong with him! Amazing for sure.

    Oh that Jeri...what a talented one she is for sure. It is adorable!

    I do miss those sunsets. Keep them coming.

  12. Great news! The doctors can sure be a drag sometimes...I see myself doing the same thing, at some point enough is enough.

    You take care and give the pups a hug!

  13. So good to see a positive update! Five years, wow! Where did it go. Like you, so many of our RVing friends are leaving the full-time road, some for good, others (like us) as snowbirds.

  14. Wow! 105! Good thing you have air. Congrats to Jim on all his good tests. Hope you get out of there before you melt.

  15. Wow! 105! Good thing you have air. Congrats to Jim on all his good tests. Hope you get out of there before you melt.

  16. A good doctor is hard to find. Heard you had record heat.

  17. Congratulations to Jim!! Praise God!! So very happy to hear he reached his 5 year mark. This August will be 2 years since my surgery. I have a few more years to go. I hear ya about the doctors...cell phone? Really? Anyway, what a wonderful milestone. Now I want to hear the good news about you and your doctor's visits.
    Take care guys!!

  18. Amazing good news about Jim. I think any of us would be happy to be told we're doing so well. The whole medical system is screwed in my opinion, which is why I love going to my chiropractor. But at the doctors' offices I've decided to just point blank tell them what I will do and what I won't. I don't want any more tests - it's been a long time since I've had most of them, and they can bill insurance for all those tests whether they are necessary or not.

  19. That's nothing new, we all know Jim is amazing! :c)

  20. I am so happy to read how well Jim is doing. That's wonderful news. Hope you two get out of Arizona very soon, 105 is just brutal!

  21. So glad Jim is doing so well. We lost a family member to Lung Cancer, but they have really made great strides in treating it. I have a Urologist too, and an Endocrinologist..I do have kidney stones...Enjoying your blog!

  22. I've had most of them, and they can bill insurance for all those tests whether they are necessary or not.

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