Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Little of This, a Little of That

AJ, AZ   It’s been really hot – in the 90’s. But today is going to be much better.

Rocky Joe is healing nicely from his surgery. However, he still has a small hole in his mouth and we will probably have to have that closed. He’s still barking so we don’t go anywhere very often.

We did leave him alone so we could go have lunch with Paul at Babbo’s. The guys had calzones and I had the Steak Panino (without the cheese of course). Fantastic. The bread is incredible. I gave Jim a bite of my sandwich and guess what he wants the next time we go. They also have Italian Sodas which Jim loves. Too busy eating and visiting to remember pictures.

I’ve been working on our tax returns. I guess after 35 years at IRS, I just cannot work up any enthusiasm for getting them done. I really do want to get them filed this week though. Wish me luck.

Jim has been catching a couple of times. He and Mark caught these beauties. We had a fish fry thanks to Wendy.



He and Marv are out fishing as I write this so I’m hoping they are going to turn it into a catching trip.

RJ (Rocky Joe) hates to be separated from Jim. He has become his constant shadow. When Jim leaves him with me, it takes hours for him to settle down and quit complaining. Today it took him almost three hours and he finally ended up sitting on Skittlez. She is so patient with him.


A dog that got away from her owner came into the park and charged at Jim and Skittlez. I’m pretty sure that she just wanted to play but not knowing for sure and the fact that Skitz is scared of everything, Jim bent down quickly to pick her up and lost his balance. Skinned himself up really good but was able to get a choke hold on the other dog and I got Skittlez. The owner showed up immediately and I got Jim in the house and cleaned up his wounds. He’s still a little sore and stiff but doing okay.

We’ve been to visit Aunt Happy a couple of times. She is still going strong. Slowing down but her mental capacity is still amazing.

I’m making travel plans for when we leave in May which is fun. And that is life at the Dixon’s house.

Update – Taxes filed!!!  Weather is so much nicer.


  1. Falls are so awful. As kids it was any every day thing, now it's a catastrophe. Hope Jim is healing up.

    Doug talks about doing the taxes nearly everyday but not yet, easy this year, not so next ;)

  2. So glad to hear that Jim didn't hurt anything too bad. We've had more than our share of dog attacks this year. I certainly don't want anymore.

    Weather is much nicer. It's cooled down but still warm. It's just not hot.

  3. Waiting to get our taxes back from the CPA with the bad news. Never a dull moment around here. We're getting geared up for the dog days of Summer.... glad Jim not seriously hurt with falling. Too bad your new dog has separation anxiety... have you tried to give him a sweatshirt or something that smells like Jim? Sometimes that will help.

  4. Awe, it is so endearing to know that Jim tried to save Skitz and got hurt himself.
    Good Luck with the Taxes. Ours are done. Thank God.
    I hope that RJ gets better soon.
    Take care of yourselves.

  5. Good news about Rocky Joe! Skittlez is a great influence on RJ.

    Oh poor Jim. At our age, it takes a bit longer to get over any type of fall.

    We filed our taxes too. Another year down!
    WOW...I can smell the fish on the grill from here.

  6. I quit skiing a few years ago. I decided I'm too old to fall.

  7. Sorry that Jim fell and hope healing is quick and no lasting issues. Looks like he and Marv did some good catching, enough for a good meal.
    Hope RJ gets well soon too.

  8. We have had a few close calls picking up the dogs when unknown beach dogs come running up to us. But we always pick them up, best to be safe.

  9. Crikey ..... Jim fell over trying to save the dogs?? I sure hope he's ok. Mum reckons I'll be the death of her. I'm always under foot and I'm so quiet. Most of the time she doesn't even know I'm around. Sounds as if RJ is a bit like I am with Mum. I can't get close enough to her and I hate it if she goes out without me. Dear Skittlez ...... I'm glad she's taken to RJ. Those fish sure look good. Did they taste good?? I like a bit of fish from time to time.

  10. Ok. I'm seriously behind on blog reading. I guess I'll meet to go back and see just who RJ is! Glad Jim is ok.

  11. Ouch! Hope Jim is feeling better and RJ is on the mend.
    Fresh fish = good eats, I bet they were yummy.

  12. You could always plan our trip for us too. You find such interesting places to stay.

  13. That was a HOT spell wasn't it!! Wish you could find a solution for RJ's barking but sometimes it just isn't to be. Emmi probably still howls when we leave her if I don't make her wear the dreaded collar but out here, no one can hear her!

  14. Hope Jim being out fishing again is an indication he is o.k. after his fall. It's scary to think about falls at this age! Good luck with RJ and his healing and halting the barking when you leave. Hope he doesn't tie you down too much because of the barking.

  15. Fish look nice. I haven't done our taxes yet.


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