Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Needed An Escape

AJ, AZ   High 75  Low 54   Sunny and Beautiful

Got the Christmas tree up.


My Mom made this tree back in the days when macramé was the big fad. Mom was always way more craftier than I will ever be.

The dogs are out with Spike. (Thanks Jan)


Santa has his catch


Last week we did an Escape Room with Jeri and Terry. If you have never tried this, you are really missing out. You are put in a locked room with no instructions and have to find the clues to “escape” the room. It is mentally challenging and you need to be able to think outside the box. That is not one of my few talents but I still really have fun trying. You are given 60 minutes to find all the clues and escape. We didn’t make it but we were sooo close.

They offer several different rooms and I would love to try again but this time with four other people. I think six people trying to figure it out would work better. Escape rooms are everywhere. We did one a couple of years ago with Todd and Michaela in Billings.

Jan and Bill are at Usery Park for a Chapter Rally but we were able to spend some time with them yesterday for a visit. Went to Los Gringos Locos for dinner and had the best fajitas ever. So much fun to see them again.

Skittlez adjustment to being an only dog has gone downhill. She has always been close to me but it has now gotten to the point where she is like a permanent attachment. Except when it’s time to go outside – then she wants Jim. If I go across the street to visit with Ginny, she makes Jim take her out so she can track me down.

When we leave her alone, she cries. Not loudly but enough that yesterday Ginny was outside reading and could hear her. Being Ginny, she came over and took Skitz for a walk so she could look for me.

Not sure what to do. I know people are going to suggest another dog, but we really don’t want another dog. There are many many reasons for that and we have discussed it over and over again. But I’m also not sure that Skittlez would settle down even with another dog.

So one day at a time. She is almost 13 but seems to be healthy.

We stay busy with every day life and are loving the weather.


  1. I have no suggestions, just love that pup while you have her, I think dogs go through a grieving period just like people.

  2. I agree with joeh - it's hard on them, too. Her world changed and she doesn't know why. You are her security. It's sad, but I have to think that in time she will adjust. Poor baby. I love having Katie, she's such a great companion and good company, but I think when she's gone, I might try not having a pet for a while and see how I do. It would be easier in a lot of ways.

  3. I can appreciate not wanting another dog. I have had quite a few over the years and now we visit other peoples dogs.
    The escape room sounds very interesting think we will try one out someday.

  4. Poor little girl. But I agree she may come around yet. I love Fred with all my heart he makes me laugh and even though some days I would love to scream at him for being a pest. But hopefully he will be around for a long time as he is only 8, but I would not have another pet after that. I'm to old and don't want to worry about what will happen to them after I am gone. I worry about that now with Fred. I'm sure my daughter would give Fred the best home she loves him and he loves her.

  5. Those "escape rooms" are fun. We did one last October with our son, his girlfriend and two of their friends and had a great time. www.travelwithkevinandruth.com/2016/10/we-escaped.htm. We are going to go again on Friday when we arrive back in Ottawa and we are looking forward to it.

    I can totally understand why you don't want to get another dog and I am sure with time Skittlez will adapt or you will adapt, lol!

  6. Love that tree!

    It's hard to be without your long term partner. I agree that another dog might not be the best answer. That's like telling a widow that if she'd just remarry...

  7. The escape room definitely sounds like fun, I'll have to look one up in our area.

    My heart breaks for Skittlez. Our fur kids do grieve, I've seen it in our cats when we lost our Italian Mastiff and watched the same process when a stable mate looses their friend. Hopefully in time her heart will heal but for now she wants her world to be stable and her loved ones close by. Give her time.

  8. I loved to macramé. What a wonderful memento from mom. Always a reminder of her love.
    Skittlez is acting like a real human being. We grieve for a long time after a love one passes. Just keep giving her the love that she needs. Hopefully time will help heal her broken heart.

  9. You didn't know I took that picture, did you? Wish I could have seen it lite up.

  10. I constantly want another dog in my life, but then I think of the time and energy (to say nothing of the expense) and I know in my heart I won't get another. If I found a stray black lab though -----

  11. Oh, poor little Skittlez, she does not know what is going on, just that she is lonely...
    I have Blow up weenie too!! :) He is outside in the weather...

  12. The Escape room was definitely a blast. Thanks for asking us to go with you. We had fun!!! Looking forward to more winter adventures with you and Jim.

  13. Poor little Skittlez, people tell us to get another dog to help with Emmi's howling problem but we don't want another dog and when Emmi is gone we are going to try being dog-less. The vibration collar I recently got for Emmi is working like a charm--see I didn't need another dog!

  14. Don't feel bad about not escaping that room. After all you only had 60 minutes. It took me many years to figure out a way to escape my work cubicle and retire... ;c)

  15. We have a problem similar with Nick, our 11 yr old Shiv Tzu. We lost his constant companion about a year ago and he is a little lost and sticks to me like glue. I guess I'm the new Casey!! That's ok!!
    I don't know how I would do in the Escape Room. I could seriously have a panic attack. Sounds like fun for those that wouldn't be prone to a panic attack.


  16. Hm... I have never been in or tried an escape room. Sounds interesting. Will try to find out more about it.

  17. Just give Skittlez lots of hugs and love and be patient when she clings. She would do the same for you. She is feeling a little lost and lonely.

  18. So sorry that she is so sad and lonely. I know that we will have the same problem soon.


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