Saturday, August 13, 2016

This Is The Life

Canyon Ferry, MT  High 81  Low 56

We drove into Townsend one morning and white fluffy clouds were covering the Elkhorn Mountains to the west.


The reason for our early trip into town was a donut run to the Mountie Moose Bakery.


It was definitely worth getting up and out for. Just take a look at these treats. We will be making another stop at this place.


Skittlez really thought that we should be sharing.


Jim has been fishing every day and has even done some catching. We will be having fish for dinner shortly.


This is a walleye but he’s also brought home some perch.


It’s always so much fun when other travelers wander through where you are camped. On Wednesday we were lucky enough to have two couples in the area. John and Sharon were camped at the fairgrounds in Helena and Barbara and Ron pulled into the BLM campground across the road from us.

And like all good RVers we headed out for dinner together. We picked up Barbara and Ron and drove into Helena to meet up with John and Sharon at the Grubstake.


Jim and I split a ribeye and were totally underwhelmed. The others said their food was good but I’m not sure anybody wanted to rave about it. I was really disappointed because their parking lot is always packed. Our favorite place to go (the Windbag which used to be a brothel) is closed for remodeling.

And to close with – a beautiful sunset.



  1. You are totally correct - those donuts are worth getting up early for! I hope they tasted as good as they looked.

  2. Glad you're having such a great time. Nice when couple can get together to have some fun and laughs. I was glad to see a walleye. Jim told me they are good eating! I hope you enjoyed.

  3. I believe the dog deserves some donut.

  4. I have never had any luck with ribeye so I gave up trying. But now the donuts well that's another story they sure look good. Skittlez sure thinks so too

  5. Wow, definitely sounds like the good life! Glad you got to meet up with John and Sharon again. Disappointing that your steak wasn't so good though. We have often found that it is cheaper and better to buy a good steak and just cook it at home.

  6. I think Skittlez should have at least a bite of your donut. Fresh Pickerel and perch sounds much better to me than a steak

  7. Fun times, you two desire it. I'll bet you'll be glad when the closing is over.

  8. Poor, poor Skittles. She needs just a pinch! It is so much fun to meet up with friends. Did Jim finish his dinner with ice cream?

  9. Despite the food the company was great at the Grubstake...

  10. Skittlez looks great Sandie...and so did the doughnuts!

  11. Get togethers are so much fun. You can spend hours talking about things in common. Food seems to draw folks to each other. Thank goodness for that!

  12. At least the company made up for the food.

  13. Ok, did you used to go to the Windbag when it was a brothel? You said it was your favorite place to go... :cD

  14. Dibs on the top center donut! They look really yummy. Good to see Jim "catching" fish, fresh catch always makes for good eats.

  15. What fun to meet up with John and Sharon again. What neat people.
    What is all that stuff growing on Jim's face? I thought men only did that in the winter.
    Yummmmmmmy! Save me one of those donuts.
    Gorgeous sky!

  16. The expression on Skittlez's face is priceless:)

  17. We certainly had a good time. And thanks for the tip about the bakery. I had a yummy sticky bun.

  18. We certainly had a good time. And thanks for the tip about the bakery. I had a yummy sticky bun.


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