Thursday, June 18, 2015

I Thought We Were Making Progress – NOT!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015
Trying to Beat the Boredom
Apache Junction, AZ  High 105  Low 79
I’m trying to find little projects to keep Jim busy while we wait for the medical field to get their act together.
The ceiling strip came unglued so I had Jim climb up and put some glue on the strip. The hammer was a perfect fit to balance on the top of the slide and hold the strip in place until the glue dried. Now let’s see what else I can come up with to keep him out of trouble.
Hot again today. But let me tell you, I’ll take 106 with no humidity over 80 with 90% humidity any day. It may be like sticking your head in an oven but at least I can still breathe. One of the problems we do have is that the ground is so hot on the girls’ paws. Not much shade out where we are supposed to walk them so most of our trips are really short.
Except in the morning when it’s still kind of cool. That’s when Scooter and Jim go rabbit, lizard and coyote hunting. We have two coyotes that are living their lives right outside our park – dining on all the rabbits we have in this area. So far they haven’t been aggressive – probably because they have been so well fed. Skitz and I saw one of them when we went out, bout half way down the sidewalk. Skitz barked and then headed back for the gate as fast as she could, all thoughts of peeing gone.
We finally had an appointment with Jim’s surgeon today. After looking over the paper work he wasn’t happy with Jim’s kidney function. He had Jim donate more blood and now we wait once more. The surgeon will see the test results and he may have to refer us to a kidney doctor. Once we get the kidney situation straightened out, we can get surgery scheduled. That probably won’t be for several weeks yet.
Boredom may do us in before anything else. Jim feels really good except his leg cramps from lack of blood flow when he walks.


Apache Junction, AZ  High 114  Low 82
It’s hot. Yesterday Phoenix tied their record of 115 on June 17 and we’re headed that direction again today. I sure am glad we bought that second air conditioner.
sprinkler1 Jim has been out flying his plane a couple of mornings. He had a rather hard landing and we had to wait for the hobby shop to get in the gear box he needed. He now has two of them – just in case.
We bought new awning fabric. Ours was so rotted that it was barely hanging on by a thread.
With the sun so far north, it beats down on the door side of the RV all afternoon so having an awning really helps keep the rig cooler. Jim did all the work to get the old awning down and the new one ready to go.
awning3 This morning (5:30 a.m.), Al came over and helped Jim put the new awning up. With his help it took less than an hour to get it all ready to go. You really do have to get started early in the morning so you can finished any outside work before it gets too hot.
I sure am grateful they haven’t left yet for the summer.

This is our pretty new awning.
Also the awning offers some shade on the rocks so the girls don’t burn their feet when they have to go out. Let me tell you, they are really quick. Well, except for in the very early mornings when Jim and Scooter go out to unlock the gate and go rabbit hunting.
We’ve seen a couple of good movies – The Imitation Game and The Cokeville Miracle.
We are both pretty discouraged this afternoon. We finally found out that his kidneys, although not great, are okay for him to go ahead and have surgery. We had an appointment scheduled with the surgeon on the 24th but after we got that go ahead Jim called and was able to get an appointment for this morning.
After the awning was up and we had our showers, we headed out for Phoenix and the doctor’s office. (This is going to be a rant – just warning you.) We didn’t have to wait long to see the doctor. He came into the room, read the reports and said – I can’t help you. I need to refer you to a specialist. And that was it. I know doctors are busy. But this was beyond ridiculous. I’m trying to justify the fact that he doesn’t take the time to read the reports he gets before he’s  sitting in the office with the patient. But he could have so easily had his office call us and tell us he couldn’t do the surgery and needs to refer us to a specialist several days ago. I know that’s not feasible in this day and age but I’m still really not happy about it.
The specialist’s office called us to make an appointment and the earliest appointment we could get was July 15. Jim asked if there was another surgeon we could see sooner and we have an appointment on June 30. 12 more days of waiting.
And that’s it from AJ.


  1. I've found if the doctor calls another doctor to schedule you can get in quickly--in our cases, the next day.

  2. Great new awning.

    Well this is a mixed blessing. So happy Jim's kidneys are working fine but to have to wait so long to see a specialist is very annoying. Praying that the specialist can get the surgery done very quickly.

  3. That awning looks really nice! I feel your pain with physicians! We are stuck here at least another six weeks as a result of yesterday's Dr. appointment. So very pleased that Jim's kidney test is reasonably good....

  4. Good grief!! Have you thought about coming to Billings to have the surgery--they have fantastic vascular surgeons at both hospitals.

  5. I think I would try to get the surgery done in Billings as suggested by Janna. At least you wouldn't be sitting around in an oven while the doctors get their act together.

  6. Wow, if you didn't have bad luck you wouldn't have any at all. At least it sounds like his kidneys aren't getting worse so that is a good think.

    If at all possible I think I would head for a cooler place to have the surgery assuming they have qualified Dr's and facilities. Of course you have to start at the beginning with them and who knows when they could do the surgery.

    Wishing you two well and hang in there.

  7. Sorry you are stuck here. If you guys are up for dinner next week, let me know. Late evening... when it is cool(er). Yeah, at 115* the sun actually hurts when walking out in it. Mom turned her portable air conditioner on last night for the first time she said. The combination of the main one in the living room and the fact that nights had been cooler had worked in her favor, but it finally got to be 'summer' here.

  8. I think you missed the point at the doctors office as to why you had to come into the office. If he called you to tell you that he couldn't help you, he wouldn't be able to bill you! Grrrrr..

    Glad the kidney news is good. They did a great job on the awning.

  9. We put a new awning on the motorhome last year or was it the year before? They aren't the easiest things to install but with two sets of hands, it didn't take long.

    If you don't know the doctor, what difference would it make if the surgery was in Phoenix, Flagstaff or anywhere else?

    I'd get out of that heat. We lived through it too many summers and hope to not do it again!

  10. Ugh! Doctors that don't give a flip for their patients are so annoying, yet they sure don't hesitate to charge you! Hope June 30 comes fast, don't want to see you cook in the heat a minute more than you have to!

  11. Well you are making some progress, great news on the kidneys and a new awning. I have to agree about the doctor though. Life is not fair and the medical profession takes the cake. Hang in there, only 10 sleeps to the appointment. Meanwhile I hope you find something to keep you busy inside. Gosh 115F would do me in.

  12. Poor you, poor Jim and poor puppies with burning feet. Good thoughts coming your way >>>>>>>

  13. The worst part is having to stay in that heat (and that crappy doctor), but it sounds like you are getting through it. The awning looks great. Now we just have to pray for a successful surgery and quick recovery. Prayers coming your way. :)

  14. Sometimes the doctor who is more available isn't the best one but sometimes he is. I was thrilled with the dermatologist they sent me to when the first one wasn't available. Hope your experience mirrors that.

  15. That good that things are moving forward, hope all goes well. Keep cool down there.

  16. It's hot here in Las Cruces too - I'm making a "run for it" to Oregon tomorrow. I'm the "poster child" of insensitive doctors. However, lately, all has gone well. Do what you need to do, and then enjoy the rest of the summer. You deserve it!

  17. Sounds like good news, bad news, bad news. At least Jim's kidneys are passable. Hope everything works out (eventually. )

  18. So sorry to hear this latest set back. I agree why can't they read the reports first OH wait then they can't collect the fee!
    Hang in there

  19. Doctors can be very frustrating sometimes. Had he read the report and called you, he likely would not have gotten paid for doing it and sadly, it's sometimes it is all about the money.

  20. I hope it all works out. Doctors are indeed very frustrating at times. It sounds like the doctor and his office staff need some customer service lessons.

  21. So sorry about the heat! But at least you aren't in the humidity. Will be 101 here at the beach on Tues! Did I tell you Doug has to have some back surgery in July? Shouldn't be major but we will be here until mid-Aug. All the best for Jim and his surgery.

  22. Best of all dear friends, keep us posted.

  23. Best of all dear friends, keep us posted.

  24. Crikey ..... Doctors are the pits, aye?? Maybe Jim should go to a Vet. My Vet's great and I NEVER have to wait to see him.

  25. Way behind in reading blogs. You certainly have the right to rant all you want to. At least you got in a little earlier.


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