Saturday, January 31, 2015

Good Times in Q

Quartzsite, AZ

We were so busy I’m not even sure where to start.

After Jim and Tom finished working on Bill’s rig, we all went out to dinner at the yacht club. Amazingly enough we were seated as soon as we came in the door. That is unheard of in Quartzsite in January. Good food and good friends.


Mimosas were on the menu for breakfast the next morning thanks to Jeri and Toni. Not sure what they are but I think it was orange juice and Champaign.



Margaritas and Quesadillas were provided for dinner by Sue, Paul, Julie, Mike, Diane and Tom.


I put them to the challenge because I wanted mine done without cheese. Kind of hard to flip a quesadilla on a grill with no cheese to hold it together but Paul did a great job.

They also provided a piñata. And what a piñata. They had it made to look like the Escapees logo. Lee took a couple of good swings but it was Paul who finally brought it down. Look at all the candy.



Jan celebrated her birthday out in the desert and Toni made her a delicious chocolate cake.


jan and toni

We almost missed hot dog night because we were visiting with Denise and Barbara. Forgot to take any pictures. Good grief.

Lots of time spent visiting.

Do you know how many miles I’ve hiked in these shoes? Lots.


Nan, John and Lee. Definitely not enough time to visit with these dear friends.


Paul and Eric


Saturday was Blogger-Fest and we headed back down to Yuma on Sunday for more dental work. We did get to town for our water filters. Didn’t even try to go to the Big Tent. Been there, done that in previous years. I really do hate shopping.

Campfires every night and most mornings.



  1. Margarita night was really a lot of fun and so was the Blogger-Fest. Now on to other places and other things!

  2. It was great fun and nice to visit with friends we don't see often. I saw where 2016 Big Tent will only be 9 days next year. People come because of the people--not the Big Tent.

  3. You sure crammed a lot of fun into a few short days! Glad we got to be a part of it too

  4. You have been busy, much more than we like to be.

  5. Sounds like you have been having a very busy life. Hope the dental work went well. Got my crown put on yesterday and so far so good, so I'm a happy camper.

    That is a great piñata except that there is one thing wrong about it compared to the ones in Mexico! You need to put the piñata on the end of an adjustable rope because when the blindfolded person swings at it there is another person at the end of the rope that will pull the piñata up and down so you have no idea where to swing and the onlookers shout out up and down to the person swinging, it is hilarious to watch.

  6. Lots of friends, lots of fun. Sorry we almost made you late to the hot dog night, but I'm glad we had a chance to have a nice visit. I sure appreciated Jim taking time to fix my tire. :)

  7. Looks like a really fun time Sandie.

  8. Whew! You two have been busy! I'm with you, Sandie--there's just no way I'd put myself in those crowds! We got right in to the Yacht Club for lunch--there weren't many people there at all. And yup--not a shopper either. Take good care!

  9. Glad you guys had such a great time, looked like lots of fun. Continued safe and enjoyable travels!


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