Thursday, November 7, 2013

Busy Day-

Apache Junction, AZ  High 83  Low 51

Monday night we played cribbage. My score was in the middle of the pack and Jim won the booby prize. He got his 50 cents back.

Tuesday morning Nick Russell stopped by to say hi. He and his bride are staying in our park for a couple of weeks while they visit with Terry’s family. He had posted in his blog about going to the Escapees Chapter luncheon on Tuesday so both Jan and I reminded him that the luncheon is actually on Wednesday.

Wednesday morning Jan and Bill had to drop their rig off for some work and then they came over so Jim could help install their new bed saver.


We sure love our bed saver. We didn’t buy ours until after dropping the fifth wheel on the truck but we learned our lesson.

I really liked the warning that came with their bed saver. Watch those body parts!!!


Why is it you don’t have anything going on for days on end and then everything happens all on one day?

After installing the bed saver, we went to the Escapees Chapter 45 luncheon here in AJ. Jan and Bill saved us a seat because we had to walk the girls first. They also bought our lunch to pay for Jim’s labor and they definitely overpaid.The place was packed and it was good to see lots of folks we haven’t seen since last spring.

After lunch we went to see Aunt Happy. She’s doing good but she is ready to leave this earth whenever the Lord wants to take her home. I think the hard part is having outlived all her friends and her hubby. She’s lonely and I know we don’t spend as much time with her as she would like but we do the best we can.

After visiting with Aunt Happy it was time for me to see the dermatologist. I had this “thing” on my forehead and I told her I felt like a unicorn. I told her if she hurt me I would cry and she said go ahead It wouldn’t bother her. She removed the horn and sent it off for a biopsy. It’s probably that non-really serious skin cancer and they’ll want to make a bigger hole in my forehead.

We grabbed dinner at Long John Silver’s – haven’t been there in forever. We then went to the clubhouse to see the move “Now You See Me”. Strange but good.

And that’s our day.


  1. One of the first things Paul bought for the truck was the bed saver. He read too many horror stories and said he will not tow the 5th wheel without it. Good decision.

  2. Hope the "horn" in nothing serious. I remember my grandmother saying the worst part about getting into your 90's is that you have no peers left.

  3. aw, Aunt Happy ... that was my Mother, too ... she was 96.5 and outlived everyone!

    y'all do have a busy life and that's good... I think so ;)

  4. Hi Sandie.....Just checking in with you guys to see what you are up to. You are down here in good ole AZ now...I see. We do seem to grow little "things" on our skin in this part of the country. Welcome back....perhaps we can connect this year....I know...I've said it before but would like to make it happen.



  5. Hey, aren't you guys retired? Doesn't sound like it with a full day like you had. Feast or famine seems to be the rule.

    How did you guys come to be Redskins fans? We lived in Montgomery Co, MD and a friend and I bought season tickets to the Skins about 40 yrs ago. Still have them, but don't use them since we are on the road all the time. His son is kind enough to buy them from us, so if we ever want to go to a game again, they will be available. The last game I went to was opening day of Jack Kent Cooke stadium, before it became FedEx Field or whatever they call it now.

    Go Skins.

  6. Mike's Dad Nat is the same way--he's tired of being here on this earth.

  7. My Dad's mother and my step-mother's mother were friends. I remember Grandma saying something like it's good to be 85 and have people who still call you by your first name. Now my Dad is 90 but he still has his wife to call him by his first name. Lucky guy--she's wonderful.

  8. I remember an Uncle of mine saying the very same thing as Aunt Happy said.

  9. My Dad used to say, "Gettin' old is Hell" and he was a retired minister LOL! Not easy outliving your peers and it's a little scary to look down that road and know that it's most likely a path most of us will have to face. But for now, lots of living left to do. Hope your biopsy turns out okay.

  10. Nice to hear you are enjoying the day. Being with old age people and making them happy is a good one.
    Take care of your skin cancer.


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