Monday, September 30, 2013

Sharon and George

Hawthorne, NV  High 74  Low 48

The main reason we stopped at Walker Lake was to be able to spend time with our good friends. Sharon started the Death Valley Cancer Walk when she survived breast cancer while working in Death Valley. Jim and I were blessed to be able to do the walk a couple of times before Sharon retired.

Her cancer has returned and she is now facing chemotherapy so we wanted her to know how much we love her.


Sharon had to work on Saturday until 2:00 in the afternoon. She is in control of the slot machine area in the Safeway. I really do have a hard time wrapping my head around slot machines in the grocery store.



Hawthorne has a really wonderful county museum. It’s in a large building and is not cramped like so many museums we’ve been to.


Once again the guys have to know how it works.


This is an ore crusher.


Anybody know what these were used for? They are wooden water pipes.


I loved these skis. Look at the tips.


This really is a large museum and like the bomb museum, it is free. Best price ever.

This was Hawthorne’s County Courthouse until 1973. This building is the only one in Nevada that served as the courthouse for two different counties. It was originally built in 1883. I think this old building has so much more personality than the one built in 1973.


The new version:

court house

bighornOn our way to dinner at dusk on Friday night, we saw several Bighorn Sheep. Of course, I didn’t have my camera handy and we were next to them before we saw them. The male was huge and gorgeous. He was right next to the road. What an incredible experience. I took this picture from the internet but the one we saw was bigger and prettier – of course.

Saturday night Sharon fixed us dinner – a pork pot pie with apple slices baked in it, zucchini out of her garden, mashed potatoes and gravy, and a watermelon that was out of her garden that had to be the best we’ve had this year.

We had a wonderful visit and our prayers are with them both over the next few months.

Sunday morning we headed out early and stopped in Beatty for the night. We didn’t even unhitch the truck. Sunset in Beatty, NV.



Today we continued our drive down Highway 95.


We are at the Roadrunner RV Park in Las Vegas. We’ll be here for a week visiting good friends and at the top of my to do list is the Mob Museum.


  1. You are certainly getting your fill of a variety of different museums!

  2. You have sure made lot's of friends along the way and sorry too hear of her cancer. "...the slot machine area in the Safeway" you won't hear that in many states :-)

  3. hiss hiss hiss on cancer... just hiss..... beautiful pictures, Sandy ... and again... I tell ya, every time I click on your blog and see your girls just cracks me up... ha just love it.

    food sounds wonderful

  4. We will join you in prayers for healing. Las Vegas for a week? Oh,'d better hide the money bag!

  5. More neat museums. Hope your friend is back on the cancer free list very soon.

  6. Didn't take Jim long to wrap his head around the slot machines in the supermarket!

  7. Please let Sharon know that we have added her to our prayer list. Praying for healing and peace for Sharon and the family!

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about Sharon's remission. I'm sure she's happy to see you guys.

  9. Really sad about Sharon's remission. Our prayers are out there for her.
    Enjoy Vegas.

  10. How nice of you to go support Sharon. We're wishing her the best.

  11. So have you taken the time to figure out how many new museums you've visited this year. Whatever the number I'm sure there are still lots more you have ahead of you. We like some museums and others we just drive by.

  12. I think I recognized one guy sitting at a slot machine in the grocery store!

  13. Those skis must be viking skis--looks like they have carved heads on the bows.

  14. Hi There, I have to catch up with your travels. We have been gone for 10 days on vacation in Va/West Va/Maryland... Had a wonderful time! Took over 1500 photos. ha ha

    Sad that your friend's cancer has returned... I lost a good friend to breast cancer a few years ago... What a wicked disease... So sorry.

    Glad you did get to visit her. Never heard of nor seen slot machines in grocery stores --or any stores around here (thank goodness)... ha



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