Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Evel and Other Dare Devils–Base Jumpers

Twin Falls, ID  High  77 Low 60

Jim and I have talked about how much we would like to come back up this way again next Spring. Lots of things we haven’t had time to see and do. But who knows what we’ll do next Spring. That’s a long ways away.

When we were in Butte in 2011 we got to see the jail cell where Evel Knievel spent some time for reckless driving. That’s his signature on the prison record books.



Now in Twin Falls we were able to see the ramp for his ill-fated jump over the Snake River. That pile of dirt on the right is the ramp.


The jump at Snake River Canyon was on September 8, 1974 at 3:36 p.m. MDT. Evel had a retired NASA scientist build him a rocket bike powered by steam for the jump.

evelHowever the drogue parachute deployed upon take off. (A drogue parachute is a parachute designed to be deployed from a rapidly moving object in order to slow the object, or to provide control and stability, or as a pilot parachute to deploy a larger parachute.) The drogue parachute had enough drag that the winds caused the bike to drift down into the canyon. It landed only a few feet from the water which is a good thing because if Evel had landed in the water, his harness would have caused him to drown. He ended up with only minor injuries.

You have an amazing view of the Snake River Canyon from the visitor’s center. This late in the year the river is very low because most of the water has been diverted at the dam.

But just look at how beautiful this canyon is.


You also have a great view of the Perrine Bridge.


P1060661This is one of the very few (maybe the only one) bridges that base jumpers can use without a permit. We were really lucky to get to see these guys in action. I definitely don’t have that gene that makes people want to do things like this but I sure had fun watching them.


Can you see his chute?


Is this better?


Floating down.


And a picture perfect landing.


A statue of Twins along the path on top of the canyon rim.



  1. beautiful beautiful bridge and the beautiful Snake River.... you can feel the height! wow

    I don't have that gene either. Why didn't I go there? can't remember. gonna look it up as to why I didn't.

  2. Just how on earth do they manage NOT to land in the river? Been at the bridge in 1997.

  3. That's a beautiful,canyon, river and bridge. I don't get the thrill of base jumping! We are not dare devils!

    Isn't it fun to just travel along and take your time? There is so much to see...


  4. Nope .. not my type of fun at all. Keep us on a flat road with no jumps in our future.

  5. I didn't come with that gene either but the scenery is beautiful.

  6. Kind of reminds me of Luci stepping out of that plane. Not for me...

  7. Snake River er looks a bit clearer than the Big Wood River at Stanton Crossing campground! What a thrill it must be to float through the air.

  8. Maybe if I was wearing a parachute heights wouldn't scare me so much?

  9. What an interesting area. No base jumping for me either.

  10. How did Evel ever survive that? I never did understand that.

  11. What great scenery, we need to visit the area.


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