Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Yuma Roundup

Pilot Knob, CA   High 74  Low 53

We boondocked at Pilot Knob when we got to Yuma. We were parked with Freddy and Delcie, Jerry and Janice, and Ed and Linda.

I took absolutely no pictures while we were there except for a couple of sunrise and sunset. I’m really out of blogging practice.

We had lots of errands to run while in Yuma and made three visits to Mexico to the dentist. We had a chance to meet up with Ray and Cindy one more time for dinner at Lin’s Buffet along with Cindy’s Mom and Sister.

We had a couple of campfires and Jim had an exciting run across the desert. Rocky Joe was being so good about staying attached to Jim’s side when he went outside. On our third trip to San Luis Rio Coronado, we took the pups with us. When we got home, we let them out and normally they head straight for the door. This time, Rocky got to the door and looked under the RV.

An RVer who was parked about 50 yards away, had their four cute little fluffy dogs outside. Rocky spotted them and was off as fast as his short legs would take him. He was ready for the attack. Jim took off running after him, yelling at him but he wasn’t going to stop for anything. We are so grateful that those fluff balls were all in a pen. But I was sure that Jim was going to have a heart attack chasing after him. Needless to say, Rocky will not be off leash every again.

lutes-logoOutlineWe met up with friends at Lute’s Casino for dinner. This place is not a casino, just a restaurant and very eclectic. Check out the pictures at Lute's. I had a good hamburger and Jim had a grilled ham and cheese “philly style”. You know I do not like cheese, but his sandwich looked really good and he said it was excellent. I’d order it without cheese next time.

How about a sunset picture this time.


Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Gathering

Maricopa, AZ   High 74  Low 49

We are currently back in Apache Junction but I have a few blogs to catch up on.

Before heading to Yuma, we knew that several of our good friends from back when we first started RVing were going to all be close to Maricopa on their travels in different directions. We were able to meet up with five other couples and what a fantastic time we had.

Back row: Paul, me, Jim, Freddy, Doug, Jerry, Jeri, Terry     Front row: Marsha, Delcie, Toni, and Janice


We did a lot of visiting and catching up with everything we’ve all been doing in the last few years. Got to sit around the propane fires at night, enjoy a pot luck and several happy hours.

Most of us also went to the seafood buffet at Ak Chin Casino. Very disappointing and very expensive. $32 a person. Never again. Thank goodness the company was exceptional.

Safe travels wherever the road leads you.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Dental Work in Mexico

Yuma, AZ   High 75  Low 54

This is a long post but I wanted to record the info for future reference.


I broke one of my bridges about three years ago and finally decided to bite the bullet and get a new bridge. It ended up being a five tooth bridge because I had also broken one of the anchor teeth.

I contacted my dentist in AJ to get a ballpark figure on the cost for a bridge and was told it would $1000 a tooth or more. So that would be $5000.  Mexico sounds better and better.

I got an appointment with Rubio Dental Clinic in Algodones and they quoted me $550 per tooth. A whole lot better than the US dentist. My appointment was for 8 a.m. on Saturday.

Thursday night we were sitting around our campfire and Lynn mentioned that one of the guys in an RV parked out here had gone to San Luis Rio Coronado to the dentist and said he’d never go back to Algodones. I remember reading an article in the Escapees Magazine about going to San Luis for dental work and how pleased they were. I also read a couple of blogs about going to the same dentist in San Luis.

Delcie, Freddy, Ed and Jerry (Janice had a tooth pulled and wasn’t out with us.)


Freddy, Ed, Jerry, Carol, Linda


On Friday Jim and I decided to drive down to see about making an appointment because Dr. Bernal doesn’t have a toll free US number. San Luis is about 28 miles south of Yuma on Highway 95. There is a parking lot at the border for $5 and you walk across just like at Algodones. But what a difference.

From the moment you cross the border in Algodones you are bombarded with people trying to get you to go to their dentist or optical store. Others are trying to push their wares onto you and lots of others are begging for money from you. You learn to ignore them but it’s really aggravating.

Not like this at all in San Luis Rio Coronado. For one thing, almost nobody speaks English. It’s really hard to ask directions when we don’t speak their language. Everyone was really nice and wanted to be of help but we weren’t getting anywhere. One of the gentlemen found another guy who could speak English and he actually took the time to walk us over to the dental office.

Lots of traffic

San Luis Rio Coronado

There is nobody trying to sell you anything or trying to get you to go to their store. Very enjoyable other than the language barrier. San Luis Rio Coronado is a huge city – 250,000 people. It is what I expected of a city in a foreign country. Regular stores for the residents. Not a tourist town.

san luis rio coronado4 

We walked into Dr. Sergio Bernal’s office and he asked what we needed. His English is exceptional. I explained my problem with the bridge and that I figured I might also need a root canal in a tooth on the top. He immediately took me back to the chair and took a look in my mouth.

He had to cut the bridge off in order to see what kind of damage had been done to the anchor teeth and one of them was broken. So my four tooth bridge went to five teeth. He explained what needed to be done and quoted me a price of $150 per tooth. I said go for it.

Modern buildings among the regular stores

san luis rio coronado5

He did all the prep work and took the impressions. Told me my bridge would be ready the next day. Then he checked my tooth on top and said that the pain was from food being stuck in the gap where my gums had receded. He cleaned everything out and told me what kind of floss stick I should get.

san luis rio coronado7Then he ground a couple of Jim’s teeth that needed to be smoothed out. He was also having trouble with food getting caught under a cap so Dr. Bernal fixed it.

We were only there for about 1/2 an hour and we were ready to go until the next day. He worked up the cost and decided he only wanted $700 for everything and he didn’t want us to leave a deposit. That is just incredible.

san luis rio coronado6The return trip across the border was a long wait. Dr. Bernal advised us that 20,000 people cross the border every morning into the US for shopping and work. However, it was a shorter wait then we’ve had trying to get back from Algodones.

Saturday afternoon we were back for the bridge. He put it in and started the adjustment work. He listened to what I told him about how it felt and worked with me until the bite was comfortable. I also have a bridge on the other side of my mouth and that has never really fit right. So Dr. Bernal also did some grinding on that side to make sure I was completely happy with my teeth. All of this for just $700.

The crossing back to the US was only 10 minutes this time. Note to self – go to San Luis in the afternoon.

Now, I want you to know that his office is definitely not a modern place with up to date equipment. It was more like a dentist’s office I went to as a child. It’s old and well used. But Dr. Bernal has been a dentist for over 30 years and I felt completely comfortable with him. He has a wonderful sense of humor and will take as long as you need to make sure you are happy with his work.

After leaving his office we stopped to get Jim a taco at an outdoor vendor. Once again, the guy did not speak English so Jim kind of used sign language to let him know what he wanted. He gave us a taste of the drink he was offering and it was really good but we have no idea what it was. The meat was too spicy for me but Jim really enjoyed it.

San luis rio coronado1

san luis rio coronado2

Went back today for a small adjustment that I needed. Jim dropped me off at the border and then took the pups up to Walmart to wait for me. I knew it wasn’t going to take long and there was no reason for him to go with me. I walked across the border, down the half block to his office and into his chair. Was done with the adjustment in about five minutes and headed back across the border. Only about a five minute wait. I will definitely go back to Dr. Bernal for any other work that I may need.


U. S. – $5000 or more

Rubio Clinic Algodones – $2750 or more

Dr. Bernal – $700 total


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Dwarf Car Museum

Maricopa, AZ  - Forgot to check the weather but since no coats were needed, that’s all that matters.

Doesn’t a Dwarf Car Museum sound like some place you really have to see? Especially if you like cars as much as Jim does. And it was more than we could have hoped for.

dwarf cars1

10 of us headed out to the museum. Women in one car and men in the other. And just to let you know, the gals enjoyed this museum as much as the guys did.

I took the following information from Ernie's website.

Ernie Adams, originator of the dwarf car, has made a name for himself building Dwarf Race Cars and scaled down replicas of classic cars called Dwarf Car Cruisers.

The first Dwarf Car came to life in 1965 as a 28 Chevy two-door sedan made out of nine old refrigerators. Ernie began gathering the materials for this little car in 1962. By 1965 he had enough materials and an 18 hp Wisconsin motor to begin construction. With a homemade hacksaw made from a chair frame, hammer and a chisel, Ernie began construction. Because this is the first Dwarf Car ever built, it is known as “GRANDPA DWARF.” This first Dwarf Car is still driven today.

This is Ernie revving up his 1940 Ford Cruiser.

dwarf cars4

The first two Dwarf Race Cars were built in Dec. 1979 and early 1980. The Dwarf Race Car idea came about after Ernie Adams and Daren Schmaltz had attended motorcycle side hack races in Phoenix, Arizona.

The first race car

dwarf cars11

During the drive home, Ernie expressed concern that three-wheeled racers were to slow in the corners. He said they could improve considerably by adding a fourth wheel to help thru the corners. Ernie suggested that adding a car body would also help spectator appeal. ​The first Dwarf Car race took place at the Yavapai County Fair in Prescott, Arizona in September, 1983. There were 12 cars registered.

This is Ernie’s Parts Department.

dwarf cars2

The guys were fascinated by the details involved in creating these cars.

dwarf cars3

After leaving the Dwarf Race Cars, Ernie had learned a lot about bending and shaping metal. He loved to see heads turn in admiration of the Dwarf Race Cars while being towed down the highway. Ernie knew it was time to change and put his metal shaping skills to the test. Now he wanted a fully dressed Dwarf Car with fenders, chrome, finished interior and most of all street legal and the Dwarf Car Cruiser was born.​​

How about a 54 Chevy Bel Air.

dwarf cars7

What is amazing about these cars is the fact that they are exactly like their full sized models – including the grills and wheels and chrome. Ernie customizes each one as an exact replica. If you looked at a picture of the car, you would not know it was a dwarf without a reference.

Jim’s Favorite – (and the car he would buy if we ever win the lottery – but full sized) – a 1939 Chevy. Gives you a perspective on their size.

dwarf cars13

Jim also really liked the boat and the 30’s Ford that had a hitch to tow it.

dwarf cars15

dwarf cars21

Be careful about backing into this hood ornament.

dwarf cars18

This was Delcie’s favorite. No matter how long you looked at it, you could find something new. Even had a pot belly stove inside.

dwarf cars20

Imagine cruising along in a 1942 Ford Convertible

dwarf cars12

1950 Mercury

dwarf cars16

Rust Rooms – not rest rooms

dwarf cars24

dwarf cars25

Does anybody have any information about the history behind a monkey chandelier? This one is hanging in Ernie’s garage.

dwarf cars19

We had a wonderful time at this free (donation) museum. Well worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Thank Goodness for Friends and Happy Birthday Rocky Joe

Yuma, AZ   Finally – beautiful weather.  High 76  Low 53

Every morning we are treated to these beautiful sunrises and I never get tired of watching them change colors.



Love the reflection in our windows.


On February 1, Rocky Joe turned 13. He is 100% Jim’s dog. He pays absolutely no attention to me unless it’s time to eat and he knows I’m the one with the spoon.

Happy Birthday Big Boy. Sure am glad you joined our family.


I am really out of it some days. Went off and forgot our passports (this is the second time I’ve done this). Called Ginny and she overnighted them to Ray for us. He went to the post office to sign for them and it is so very much appreciated.

ray and cindy

We got to go to dinner with Ray and Cindy at Chicken on the Run. One of those Mom and Pop type places with really great broasted chicken. Both Cindy and Jim wanted hush puppies but they were out of them. Just may have to go back again. Thanks for the pictures.


We also had to buy two new batteries for the Bungalow. Our other batteries weren’t even three years old but they were both dead when Jim had them checked. We are now up and running again.

Saturday I have an appointment to see a dentist in Algodones about getting a new bridge and a possible root canal. Wish me luck. I really hate going to the dentist. (This part of the plan definitely changed but that will be a new blog post.)

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Our Week In Quartzsite

Lousy weather – Highs in the 50’s and lows in the 30’s. Wind and more wind

As you can see, we have made really great progress in Rocky’s adjustment to our family. That’s my lap.

rocky10We still have our moments but the last two have been over possession of the back seat of the truck. Hopefully, as we keep traveling that issue will also go away. Skittlez doesn’t cry anymore when we leave them. But Rocky likes to bark so we will have to do something about that when we get back to AJ.

When he’s not on Jim’s lap, he hogs the sunshine.

Rocky Joe

He also barks at other people because he gets very nervous around them. And we just make sure we keep him protected from other animals. He has certainly filled a hole in our hearts with lots of love.

We didn’t do much while we were in Q because I was so cold most of the time. The first couple of days were completely overcast and dreary. Then the sun came out but the wind was relentless.

We were parked next to John and Nan and had a great visit with them when we could brave the cold and wind. Yes, George, I really am a wimp. George and Susie were parked just across the wash from us and I had hoped we could get to one of their happy hours but I just couldn’t sit outside. Hopefully next year we can get a chance to visit.

Jim, Nan and John

silly als1

We did drive out to Plomosa Road to see Barbara and Katie and we visited for about a half hour with her and some friends. Good to see them again. That’s about it for visiting.

We only ate out once at Silly Al’s with John and Nan and got to meet their friends, Lynda and Howard and Al. We got there at 1:00 and were able to find parking and a table. There was a steady stream of folks coming in to eat but it was not near as busy as I thought it would be.

Al, Lynda and Howard

silly als

In fact Q was not as crowded as in the past. There were a couple of traffic line ups but it didn’t stretch for miles like I’ve seen it happen. The Big Tent gets really crowded but I’m not sure how many folks are actually buying anything.

We went to the big tent when they opened on Thursday morning. That was a good time to go. We were only there about half an hour and didn’t find anything we were looking for. Then on to Discount Solar for a battery cable since ours was in serious need of replacing.

Todd and Michaela – isn’t this about the most perfect dog – a beagle/dachshund. I thought he was so cute.

beagle dachshund

This is a 29 Model A. The guy who owns it runs a BBQ stand. Told us he drove it over the bridge to get it to the Big Tent.

big tent

Also had to get to the bakery a couple of times. They have the best blueberry turnovers I have ever had. Friday we drove over to Blythe to pick up our mail – nobody in line so we walked in and out. Perfect.

That was the extent of our visit to Q this year. Very few pictures because I was cold. What can I say.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Meet Rocky Joe

AJ, AZ   High 57  Low 45 – I’m getting tired of cloudy days and rainy weekends.


We really did not want another dog. But we could not say no to this little boy who desperately needed a furever home.

Skittlez has just been so lonely and cries so much that on Saturday we decided to go “talk” to Happy Tails Dachshund Rescue who was having an adoption event at Pet Smart.

We walked in and there he was. Rocky is 12 years old (same age as Skittlez) and had been in the rescue for a year because nobody wanted him. When he was turned into the rescue, he was malnourished and blind because of cataracts. His buddy was also turned in with him but his buddy had since been adopted so he was alone.


A wonderful lady stepped up and paid for his cataract surgery so he can see again. His sight is still not perfect but neither is Skittlez. He had to have 22 teeth and some growths removed. In the picture below, you can see that he doesn’t have much fur but it is starting to come back with good nutrition. We are also giving him Melatonin which is what Scooter’s dermatologist told us to give her and it did wonders.


How could we not fall in love with him. He does have a couple of issues that we are working on. Because he has been through so much trauma and several foster homes, he’s very nervous and occasionally snaps and snarls at Skittlez. His foster Mom said that it would probably take a couple of weeks for him to relax and feel secure enough to stop that. We have already seen an improvement in just a couple of days.

He is not friendly with other dogs so we aren’t going to be socializing him with anyone besides Skittlez. He does not have any food aggression which is great.

DSCN2931He has some arthritis and limps but it sure doesn’t slow him down. He is really a lap dog and spends most of his time laying on Jim’s lap while Skittlez is in mine. He snapped at me but it was because I tried to pick him up and I think it hurt him. He does much better if we just let him jump up into our laps.



He is used to having a doggy door and he hates when Jim goes outside without him. He pushes at the door to get it open and doesn’t understand why he can’t go out where Jim is.


Skittlez is still not sure what is going on and really doesn’t like it when he snaps at her. We haven’t left them alone together yet but hopefully tomorrow will be the day and Skittlez won’t cry.

Love the ears