Sunday, January 14, 2018

Rocky Joe–One Year Later

AJ, AZ   High 75  Low  48

2018 has started out very quietly at our house. We’ve been enjoying our home and not really doing very much of anything.

20171119_125549(2)It’s hard to believe that Rocky has been a part of our lives for a year already. It’s amazing what food, good vet care and especially love can do. He is definitely Jim’s velcro dog. He won’t let anybody lift him except Jim, and that includes me. He will sit on my lap if Jim’s isn’t available, but I let him jump up by himself.

He has a bad heart murmur and is on medication for that. Scooter died because of a heart murmur so we know what to expect as time goes on. We just hope he can be with for a few more years. He will be fourteen in February. The pain medication we have him on has made all the difference in the world with his arthritis.


He still invades Skittlez space but she enjoys being snuggled up next to him. If Jim is home this doesn’t happen very often because Rock is always in Jim’s lap or following him from room to room.

We have gone to lunch a couple of times – once with Paula and another time with Toni and Doug.

We also made a one day trip down to Mexico for some work to be done on my crown. Made for a rather long day but my mouth appreciates it.

My internet connection is non-existent during the day so if I want to be on-line, I have to get up early in the morning. I read blogs during the short time I have but I haven’t been commenting. I did find out that I am not the only one here in the park that has problems with Verizon’s connection. We must be on the very edge of their service area.

That’s really all the news from our house.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Happy Boxing Day

AJ, AZ  High 68  Low 43

Paul reminded me that today is Boxing Day, a celebration that originated in the United Kingdom and is celebrated in a number of countries that previously formed part of the British Empire.

Jim and I celebrated a quiet, peaceful Christmas day. Used my working oven to fix a turkey and we watched holiday movies. We did, however, have a couple of glitches in our peaceful day.

We ran out of propane and as per usual it was in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve. Sure glad we had full tanks on the Bungalow so Jim could just exchange those because I’m not sure anything would have been open on Christmas day especially that early in the morning.

The other issue was more serious. Jim discovered a leak in our bathroom. Not sure if it was from the shower or the toilet, so he had to take things apart on Christmas day. He’s pretty sure it was a pipe to the toilet and got it repaired and put back together. He’ll keep a watch on it and we have our fingers crossed.

I want to post my Christmas decorations so I will have them to remember in later years.

This is our fishing Santa. The Hershey’s Christmas tree was made by Aunt Happy in her crafts class. The bottle next to Santa is full of candy to help us celebrate New Year’s Eve.


Jim decorates the outside with lots of lights.


Spike is all dressed up for Christmas.


Our Christmas Dachshunds.


The newest addition to our Dachshund family. Thanks to Todd and Michaela.


Our Christmas tree (there is a ledge behind the couch for it to sit on)



The Nativity Set my mother made for me some 35 years ago.


I hope all of you had a truly wonderful Christmas at your homes filled with love, friends, family and good food.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

December Happenings

AJ, AZ   High 58  Low 33

We were able to meet up with some Escapees Class of 2008-2009 members at Benihana for a Christmas get together. So much fun. The restaurant had a hard time getting us seated but once that was out of the way, we really enjoyed the show and the food. It’s been probably 40 years or more since I went to Benihana and I’m sure glad Jeri suggested it.

Jeri brought lights for all the guys to wear and had fun turning them on.

Toni and Doug, Jeri and Terry, Janice and Jerry, and us


Jim and I both ordered steak which is served with mushrooms, onions, and rice. Sooo good. Our Chef was very entertaining.

This is the onion volcano.



Jim also went jeeping one day with a bunch of guys. He got some great pictures but I don’t think he’ll be doing that again. All that rocking back and forth hurt his back and his neck. Other than that he did have a good time.




One of our neighbors here in the park, Jeanne, took this fantastic sunrise picture and I wanted to share it with you.


We’ve gotten tons of goodies from the fantastic cooks here in the park and have enjoyed them in front of our fireplace. It’s been cold (for us) the last few days but next week’s weather looks about perfect.

RJ got a new sweater. Skittlez claims the fireplace as hers.


Thursday, December 21, 2017

Sassy, You Will Be Missed

AJ, AZ  High 58  Low 37


Received an e-mail from Denise’s sister this morning letting us know that Denise (Sassy) passed away on December 14 from lung cancer.

We met Sassy back in 2011 in Yuma and she became one of our dearest friends. She loved her RV and she especially loved her Harley.


She put up a mighty battle against Cancer and now she is free. I love you girl.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Life after the Adrenalin

AJ, AZ   High 78  Low 42

It’s kind of hard to follow up my last post which was full of adrenalin and this post is all about mundane living.

Let’s see – what have we been doing. We’ve almost finished up our doctor appointments – only the dermatologist is left on the 21st. I had my favorite procedure (a colonoscopy in case you were wondering) done on the day before Thanksgiving. The good news is all the polyps were non-cancerous. The bad news is that I have to do it again in three years because I had five of them.

Jim got great news from his pulmonologist. His breathing has improved from his last visit to the point that she doesn’t want to see him for another year instead of six months. That’s wonderful news.

My kidney doc said everything is status quo except I need a prescription Vitamin D. However, I just looked at the paperwork they gave me on Friday and discovered they had combined my info with another patient. So now I’m not very happy with them. I’ll have to call them and try to get it straightened out tomorrow.

We had to say goodbye to our friend, Paul. He is now in Florida where he will be having a hip replacement. Wish you all the best Paul and we’ll see you next Fall.

I came down with a miserable cold about a week ago. Of course we were invited down to Bill and Jan’s for a Christmas party and we were going to see Toni and Doug’s new motorhome. Even had Paula all lined up to be our barking dog sitter for us. All those plans got scrapped and I spent the week sitting wrapped in a blanket in the recliner.

We finally got down to see Toni and Doug’s motorhome yesterday and it was beautiful. She fixed a great lunch for us and we had a short visit. We had the puppers with us and they had lots of fun exploring a new place.

Skittlez was exhausted from all the excitement.


One of our beautiful neighbors here in the park passed away and she will be greatly missed.

That pretty well brings you up to date in our world. Hope all your plans for Christmas and the holidays are coming together nicely and without too much stress.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Adrenalin High

Avondale, AZ   High 80 Low 57

Most of you know that Jim’s two favorite things (besides me and the pups) are fishing and NASCAR. And the best part of NASCAR for him is being able to drive really fast.

I had used a Groupon to buy Jim a Rusty Wallace Racing Experience out at Phoenix International Raceway. He was scheduled for last spring but it was pouring rain and he had to reschedule. So last Saturday was the day.


I knew Jim was going to be gone for several hours so I stayed home with the pups. But Jim wasn’t going alone – our really good friend Paul is here and was looking forward to seeing what it was like down in the pits.

Jim's NASCAR Drive-4

Paul has this really fancy camera and agreed to take pictures for me. At the track they have a photographer taking pictures of the participants which they then are wiling to sell to you. They tried to get Jim to pose but he told them that he had his own photographer. They don’t give up easily but when they finally looked over at Paul, they immediately agreed that his camera was probably better than theirs.

Jim's NASCAR Drive-6

They have a driver’s meeting and explain how everything is done to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Jim has driven twice before – once in North Carolina and once at Phoenix so he had a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Jim's NASCAR Drive-8

The excitement builds. Jim checks out all the cars going around the track but he’s especially interested in the #88 which is Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s number and is Jim’s NASCAR driver. There are two #88 cars on the track. One (green) is a drive car and one (blue) is a ride along car. The ride along car is driven by trained drivers and is allowed to go faster than the drive cars.

Jim's NASCAR Drive-15

As he’s standing in line, the guy calls out his name and asks him if he had purchased the car upgrade option (which I had). Jim said yes and the guy told him he got to drive the #88. So Jim figured he’s be in the green drive car but no – because of the upgrade he gets to drive the blue ride along car. WOW! At this point Jim’s excitement is beyond words.

Jim's NASCAR Drive-22

He had the 12 lap shoot out experience and it was over way too fast. It doesn’t take long to get around the track when you’re driving 140 mph. He also got to pass two other cars on the track which just added to the excitement.

Jim's NASCAR Drive-29

There is no one in the car with you – just your spotter talking to you over the headphones. He advises you when you’re coming up on a slower car and lets you know when it is safe to pass. He also warns you when a ride car is coming along and is going to pass you. Safety is definitely their priority.

Jim's NASCAR Drive-30

Jim's NASCAR Drive-1See that grin? It took Jim several days to come down off that adrenalin high. Hopefully he gets to do it again when I can find another great Groupon deal.

Thanks Paul for taking these fantastic pictures for us.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Oven Saga Continues

AJ, AZ  High 89 (record)  Low 65 (at least the nights cool down)

Some of you may remember that my oven in our new rig has never worked. I’ve been so frustrated with Camping World that I just haven’t even felt like blogging about it.

We thought everything was going well. Jim talked to CW on the phone and they reassured him that they had the correct part and were waiting for the repair guy to set up an appointment with us. Tim called and he was so busy because as he said “all of you come back at the same time.” We figured we should be at the top of his scheduling list since we’ve been working on this since we’ve been dealing with this situation for months. But not true.

We finally narrowed it down to either the 10th or 11th of November. On Thursday the 10th, Tim called and told us that he had contacted CW and they told him they couldn’t find the part. Jim went ballistic. He and I immediately headed down to CW to find out what was going on. Come to find out, the Service Manager had put the part in his drawer and didn’t think to tell anybody else about it.


We brought the part home with us which didn’t make the Service Manager happy because it was a warranty repair. But we were not leaving without the part in our hands. Tim came out the next day. Took one look at the part and the oven and you guessed it. CW ordered the wrong part AGAIN. He was just as disgusted as we were. Tim called Suburban (the manufacturer of the oven) directly and they agreed to send the right part directly to him and bypass CW. Hurray.

On Tuesday, Tim came out and in about ten minutes I had a working oven. We are so done with CW.

I was able to cook my turkey in my oven today and it was delicious. I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.