Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Talleys

Big Wood River Campground, ID

We left Arco Saturday morning and drove about 70 miles to the Big Wood River BLM Campground near Bellevue, ID. There we met up with Nan and John.

My picture of John and Nan was all blurry so this is Nan’s picture from Q.


The river is really muddy with the debris from upriver at Ketchum where the terrible fires were this summer.


We met these folks last January in Quartzsite after following their blog for some time. John is a walking miracle. He spent five weeks in intensive care last year and we are so grateful the Lord answered our prayers.



We had a fantastic couple of days catching up. We played a lot of games and Jim was able to help them fix a couple of problems on their rig. However we had no internet or cell service which is a challenge for me.



Sunday morning we went into Bellevue for breakfast. Very unique but excellent food.


Anybody need a new truck to tow their rig? This one is for sale.


After breakfast we drove up to Ketchum and Sun Valley. None of us had ever been there and we wanted to check it out. The golf courses were packed.


Nan made chili for dinner – a vegetarian version and it was so good. We even got to bring some home with us. We had a wonderful week-end and sure look forward to seeing these good friends again in Q.


  1. Idaho! Sandie, I love Idaho; especially up around Stanley and north. I've been doing "drive by" comments - just cannot catch up. I'm so glad to hear about Nan and John. I followed their blog, as well, but I guess when I changed computers or the Google reader went kaput, I lost track of them. So happy to hear John is doing so well. I know it was touch and go for quite a while as I remember. I have forgotten the name of their blog. Still love those four little eyes staring up at me when I open your blog. Smooches to S&S. :)

  2. I'd like visit that area some day but for now, I'm enjoying your trip.

  3. I forgot to mention if you get down to Ketchum, again, Hemmingway's grave is nearby, and the memorial is a very serene little "reading" area right next to a river. I always thought that he died in Key West, but learned otherwise as I read about the Ketchum area. It's easy to miss. Looks like the fires did a lot of damage to the area. Such a shame.

  4. How nice that you were able to spend some time with Nan and John.

  5. I follow Nan and John. Hope we meet them one day. They seem like really nice people.

  6. Sounds like you had a good time together.

  7. So nice to meet up with blogging friends. I remember well John's sojourn in the hospital and all the prayers that were being said on his behalf. Was so relieved when he went home.

  8. I follow both your blogs...we would like to meet all of you someday!

    We haven't explored Idaho either...

  9. Sounds like a great weekend for sure.

  10. John and I have enjoyed your visit. We left a day early (Tuesday). It was too quiet without you two to laugh with..

  11. John and I have enjoyed your visit. We left a day early (Tuesday). It was too quiet without you two to laugh with..

  12. Sandi, can you email me the name of Nan and John's blog address (as if I can keep up with those I read, now). When I changed computers or google dumped their reader (I don't remember which), I had to use my blog roll to put blogs back into my reader. I was sure I had them on my blog roll (may have but just don't recognize the name). I remember following them through John's tough times, and I'm so glad that they are doing well and are back to traveling. Thanks.


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