Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bombs Away

Hawthorne, NV  High 72  Low 51

P1070006The Hawthorne Ordnance Museum commemorates the Thousands of Military, Civil Service and Civilian Corporate Personnel that have made significant, and even the ultimate contribution in Defending the Freedom of this Great Nation.

On September 15, 1930, the Secretary of the Navy commissioned the U. S. Navy Ammunition Depot (NAD)at Hawthorne, NV. This did not happen by accident, but an accident caused it to happen.


Four years earlier, July 1926, the Navy’s principal ammunition depot in Lake Denmark. N.J. blew up, destroying the town and killing over 50 people and injuring hundred’s more. The Navy needed to find a less populated area that was closer to the West Coast. Hawthorne was selected.

Anti-Tank Mortars


P1070022Drone Anti=Submarine Helicopter (DASH) – remotely controlled by an on-board computer. It could be flown at any time of day, in any sea state, in any weather without risk to the controlling pilot.

Pretty impressive looking computer. A little larger than is used today, I’m sure.


NAD Hawthorne began operation as a storage facility, with 72 military personnel and 90 civilian employees.

P1070090The depot covers 237 square miles and has 2,427 bunkers. 

The depot stores reserve ammunitions to be used after the first 30 days of a major conflict. The depot can safely dispose of unserviceable ammunition using the latest technology.


The NAD later was turned over to the Army and became the Hawthorne Army Ammunition Depot and is currently run by an independent contractor under an agreement with the government.


The museum is really incredible. Filled with all different kinds of bombs. I took a bunch of pictures and then I left the guys to enjoy themselves while I went back out to the truck to read my book.


Hey George, what do you think this one was used for?


P1070016I was really surprised at how many guys were at the museum. I noticed a Roadtrek parked in back of the museum and the wife was sitting there reading her book while her hubby (I’m assuming husband and wife) explored all the neat bombs and things that go bang.


  1. Another interesting place to check out, for the guys at least, thanks or the tour.

  2. I think there are very few women being interested in weapons technology. I am not either, but have to admit that this museum looks - well - interesting.

  3. Another great and interesting museum. Hey I went to a Quilt Museum. It is always a give and take.

  4. We have been to tons of military museums, but never one that focused on bombs. What an interesting museum. I certainly wouldn't be sitting in my car. Too unique to miss.

  5. Sounds like an interesting place to visit. You never know when you're going to find a little gem along the way.

  6. hahaa... g'morning, Sanide... I'd be in the nearest pie shop... bombs ~ ew

  7. At least you got out alive without being blown to bits so that's good. Interesting tour.

  8. I hate traveling, thanks for doing it for me...always interesting stuff.

  9. Boys love things that go BANG! And they grow into men... :c)

  10. Unique museum. Not something you would see every day.


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