Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Meet Sidney

Hamilton, MT  High 89  Low 48

sidneyI meant to introduce you to Sidney yesterday. He is going to be joining us on some of our adventures. I picked an Eagle because when I went to high school we were the Sidney Eagles.

My biggest worry with Sidney is to keep him out of the mouths of the girls. They think he would make a really good toy to de-stuff.

He is going to show up occasionally in our pictures so be on the look out for him.

This was take off from Billings.



  1. Don't know how Sydney will figure in your travels, but will say that I bought a "stuffed" eagle in Alaska, way back in 2001... he traveled with us many a mile... finally left him in storage in Ohio a few years back... along with my Lewis and Clark Canoe (with the Indian maiden whose name I can't remember and the black lab dog), and quite a few other mementos that I'd been carrying with us. So, I'm anxious to hear about Sydney and how he/she figure in your travels ;-)

  2. HAhaa, Sharon... well? maybe it will add to the girls lifestyle. I mean... when they're bored ... Sandie can tease 'em with Sydney ... on those rainy ol stay inside days.

    I had a little dragofly I kept on the dashboard of Homer... he balanced on the tippy tip of a finger or well, anything... still have him and watch him move about ... amazing little thing.

    BUT then I'm fairly easy to entertain ... like those big eyed dachshunds in the header ... cracks me up EVERY time I log on ....

  3. Hello Sidney. Nice to meet you. Enjoy your new adventure.

  4. Ah, so you have expert "toy de-stuffers" at your house too. Willy was an expert "toy de-squeeker" in his younger years...still would be if he got half a chance.

  5. I'll watch to see where the Eagle lands.

  6. WooHoo! On the road again! Be safe out there and God Speed.

  7. Oh how I love Sidney... Hope your 'girls' are nice to him... Wish I was Sidney and could go with you!!!!!!! Sigh!


  8. I was "elected" to take a character along with me on one of my trips. However, it was a school project for a friend's daughter.

  9. We have a moose, vulture, and a bear wearing a duck costume. Mascots are fun. Even grown ups enjoy stuffed animals.

  10. Nice to meet you Sidney. Hope you enjoy your travels. Jim is in his element whenever there are fish around.


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