Thursday, August 9, 2018

Katie’s a Senior

Our granddaughter is a Senior in Kalispell this year. We are so proud of her. Have a fun year Katie, but study hard.




Thursday, August 2, 2018

Todd and Michaela Came to See Us

Canyon Ferry, MT   High 89  Low 57

I love this picture of Todd and Michaela, with our two grandpups – Zoey and Honey.

This picture was taken at their new house a couple of years ago.


Todd and Michaela drove up from Billings on Saturday because Todd wanted to do some catching with his Dad. We were able to get a cabin here at the KOA for them and they were allowed to bring the pups with them.


This picture was taken in Michaela’s car (can you tell she loves Green).


Fishing pictures







Sure do love these kids. Hopefully we get to do this again next year.


Sunday, July 15, 2018

Silos KOA–Canyon Ferry, MT

High 94  Low 64

I want to do a post about what is becoming our Montana home. We really like this park and its especially nice that Jim and Rocky can be fishing in about 15 minutes.

We are located about 25 miles southeast of Helena and 8 miles north of Townsend. There is a small, expensive, grocery store in Townsend, a couple of restaurants, a gas station, and a really great bakery. We go up to Helena to do most of our shopping. That’s also where our vet is located and my sister and her husband live there.

This is our view as we leave the campground.


This is the view of the mountains in the rain.


The view as we approach our campground. You can see the lake at the end of the road.


The Salem Travel Trailer in the middle of the picture is our home.


This KOA has many seasonal campers and is definitely a fishing camp. But it always amazes me the number of overnighters that stop here. Helena doesn’t have many options especially if you want hookups.

There is one thing that really irritates me about this place. People do not respect your campsite space. You just would not believe the number of people who walk through our space. I’ve stopped several of them and asked them very politely not to. One woman told me that it was just too tempting. Another guy said he thought it was an empty site. I realize the truck and boat were gone but the door and windows were open, chairs and bbq are sitting out. Empty???

This is our site. Number 17.


I was concerned about the fireworks on the 4th. Our pups really do not like them and neither do Jim and I. But this was a wonderful place to be. There were some fireworks on the 4th but they were finished by midnight and didn’t go on for days before or after the 4th. Worked out really good for us.


Sunset from our front door.


Jim and Rocky are fishing almost every day. At the rate they’re catching, our freezer will soon be full of walleye.

Just a small sample of what he’s been catching.


We will be here until August 27 so I probably won’t be posting many blogs. When we leave here we head for Billings for a week and then we’ll be making our way east to Virginia. I’ll have lots to blog about then.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Skittlez Goes To The Vet

Helena, MT   High 59  Low 46

I’m posting this so I have a record of what and when it happened.

When we were in Sweet, ID Skittlez decided to jump off the sofa instead of using the steps we have for her. She yelped but then seemed to be okay. But the next morning she could hardly move and was shaking and shivering uncontrollably.

We knew immediately it was her back. We had some of Rocky’s pain medications and gave her a pain pill. We also immediately restricted any movement on her part. If she needed to go out, Jim carries her in and out.

Jan, I am really gray. I’m 14 now and almost completely deaf.


We give her Gabapentin in the morning and Metacam in the evening. After six days she started to feel better, however we kept her restricted and on pain meds. We got to Canyon Ferry on Wednesday and took her to our vet in Helena on Thursday. I wasn’t sure if the two medications we were giving her were what she really needed, but the vet said we were doing exactly the right thing. She refilled our prescriptions and we were good to go.

Skitz is doing much much better but still needs pain meds every 12 hours. They make her kind of sleepy so she spends most of the day sleeping which is also helping her heal.

She has always liked to be in more confined spaces, so she has made a cave for herself at the foot of the bed right in front of the heat vent.


20180610_192922Then there is Rocky. He’s still Jim’s Velcro dog and still drives me crazy with his whining if Jim is outside and he’s not. Since the weather is so beautiful, Jim puts him in his bed in the truck and this dog is so happy he’ll stay there for hours.

Our beagle, Ginger, was exactly the same way. She would lay in our Suburban all day long. Even if the vehicle never moved.

Ginger when she was a puppy. Her Mom and Dad and all her siblings were tricolored beagles, but Todd wanted the white one.


When we were at the vet’s, somebody brought in a pit bull puppy. So much energy. The vet counter is high enough I can just barely lay my arms on top, and this puppy jumped up on the counter from a standing jump. Wow. So Rocky decided he wanted to show us how good he could jump. He used the step stool as a springboard and ended up on the messy bed just like there was nothing to it.


Life is never dull with the pups around.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

A Few More Family Pictures

Katie’s Mom and Dad – Nikki and Wade Carter (my nephew)


Katie and Duel




Nikki and Katie – mother and daughter


Nikki and her three daughters (Katie, Karly, and Karissa)


Somehow I missed getting a good picture of their brother Kody.

This is Randi and Chris Carter (my nephew) and their daughter Courtney.


Courtney is getting married August of 2019 so I’ll get to have more great family times. Looking forward to it. Courtney also has a brother, Zach. Next time I’ll work on getting pictures of the boys.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Congratulations Katie and Duel

Sweet, ID  - High  82  Low 58

We are in Sweet for my great niece’s (my sister’s granddaughter) wedding. We stayed at the Roystone Hot Springs RV Park. This is a small park with only 10 sites but in a gorgeous setting. I used this picture from their website. Our group took up four of the RV sites.


In order to get to the park you drive up through Black Canyon along the Payette River. Just down the road is the Black Canyon Diversion Dam which is a concrete gravity type.


The reservoir is beautiful.


A beautiful sunset from our campground.



We were so busy visiting with family that I really didn’t take very many pictures. In fact, I didn’t even get a picture of the bride and groom because they requested that no pictures be taken. So I borrowed this picture from Katie. She and Duel make a beautiful couple.


We had a really great time just being with family.

We left Sweet and took three days to get to Canyon Ferry where we are for the next two months. Jim and Rocky will be fishing and Skittlez and I will be relaxing.

These are the roads we like to travel.


Saturday, June 23, 2018

Murals and Ribs

Glenns Ferry, ID   High 87  Low 62

Glenns Ferry has several very interesting buildings and murals throughout the town.

Just look at that beautiful sky.







I love this picture of their water tower.


Skittlez really enjoyed driving around this pretty little town. (If you look closely, you can see Rocky in the background.)


We went to the Fudge Factory Grill for lunch. I had a hamburger which was okay but Jim had their ribs which were so good. He did give me a small bite to try and I realized I didn’t make the right choice.


If you’re ever through this area, there is also a winery with a campground and there is campground at Three Island Crossing State Park.

We are currently in Sweet, ID, enjoying some family time.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Equine Gnathology

Glenns Ferry, ID    High  84  Low 51

As we were driving down the main road in town, this sign caught my eye.


There is no way we could just keep on driving past. It’s a very small museum and not really anybody there to talk to us about it. The museum is in the World Wide Equine Instrument & Product Center. They have one of the largest assortments of dental instruments in the world (over 300 different items). They ship these items world wide.



20180619_160659I did not grow up around horses so most of the items we saw were totally foreign to me. Jim was able to figure some of them out.

Those of you who are familiar with horses will probably recognize some of these tools. The dental tools that are used today on horses are essentially the same as they were a hundred years ago. A few improvements have been made, as you can see from this bunch of grinders and buffers.





So do any of you know what Gnathology is? I sure didn’t. But there is an Equine Gnathological School here in Glenns Ferry.

Gnathology is the study of masticatory systems and treatment techniques. “The heart of equine gnathology revolves around efficient comfortable mastication and optimum performance.”

To me that means that they teach how to treat a horse’s mouth and teeth so that they can eat without any pain.



It’s amazing the places you can find if you just take the time to slow down and look.