Saturday, September 7, 2013

Father and Son Time

Billings, MT  High 86  Low 59

Thursday morning I was at the vampire’s office bright and early. Saw the doc in the afternoon. No surprises. All my blood work is right where it needs to be, not a problem in sight. But I need to lose weight. We’ve had this discussion once a year for the last ten years. Yep, I sure do need to lose some weight. Yes, I need to exercise more. Thank you. See you next year.

Thursday night we met up with Judy and Gary for dinner. I think I almost have them convinced they need to come down to AZ for a couple of months this winter.

Friday, the truck went in for service. Love getting that bill. We met up with Carol for lunch (her hubby was Jim’s best friend who died last year). Had a great visit with her.

Did laundry and ran some errands. Real exciting stuff. We had a couple of lightening and thunderstorms go through. I swear the lightening hit just outside our back yard. Sure did light up the sky and since the boom was almost instantaneous, we jumped about six feet.

P1060434Today, Jim and Todd got to bond over a siding fix. Seems some of the nails that hold the siding onto the side of the house had come loose. Many of them in fact. So Jim got some screws and he and Todd put everything back together again. Then Todd power washed the siding, the grill and a couple of cars.

Of Jim’s four sons, Todd is the one who seems to have inherited Jim’s ability to analyze a situation and then figure out how to fix it.

Jim is going to need that ability when we get back to AJ because our oven has quit working. We don’t use it often but it is frustrating when I do want to bake something.  

Tonight I’m making taco’s for dinner. We’re still on track to be out of here on Tuesday.


  1. I love the fact that our doctor never tells me I need to lose weight. He tells me that I am so healthy that whatever I am doing, just keep doing it.

  2. Wonderful news about your blood work. I know the older I get, the more excited I get over a good blood work

    Isn't it wonderful to be married to a handyman? Good luck with that oven and safe travels.

  3. I just want to remind you how hot it still is in Arizona. I forgot what heat felt like until I landed in Texas. It's going to be just like this in Arizona ... hot, hot, hot.

  4. Good news about your blood work. I'm sure you're not going to rush back to Arizona.

  5. I get freaked out every time I have bloodwork done... my BP elevates to somewhere at "sky high" and every thing goes haywire. Seems we all have to do this once a year so why the stress? I don't know, but am glad to hear you're doing just fine! Good that now you can get on with the good life. Go for it!

  6. Glad to hear you blood is good to go for another year.

  7. Congrats on your blood results. Where do you stay in Arizona? We'll be there some part of the winter, not sure exactly when yet.

  8. "Yep, I sure do need to lose some weight. Yes, I need to exercise more. Thank you. See you next year."

    hahaaaa love it.... four sons? good bonding and good bloodwork. ew

  9. Something has to be wrong with your blood work! Don't doctors always find something wrong so they can send you for more test$ so they can make the next payment on their new Mercedes? ;c)

    It's always handy to have a handy man around!

  10. It is hard to loose weight! Joe and I are trying to walk and hike as much as possible...but we do go thru "spells" when there is no time ( well, that's our excuse) or the weather doesn't cooperate...

    Glad your blood work is over and you got a good report......we do all that next month. I really dread it!

  11. We told ourselves we would leave 5 pounds in Georgia while we're here. Unfortunately, that was before we discovered a really good Mexican restaurant!

    Good news on your blood work.

  12. I found some really good exercises I can do even in my tiny RV: Now, if I would just DO them.

    I get good blood work reports,too, so my doctor has given up nagging me about my weight. Don't know if that is a good thing or not.

  13. Good news about the bloodwork. Safe travels while on the road.


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